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Lavender Plants

Lavender Plants

Lavender has a long and popular history in Britain, with cultivars being adopted as our very own despite the origins being Mediterranean and farther afield. It is one of the most widely found, popular perennials in our gardens. With its distinctive look and unique, uplifting fragrance, this stunning ornamental plant is as popular today as it has ever been - and we Brits just love it!

Our specially selected Lavender collections feature several individual and characterful varieties of English and French Lavender, chosen for their varying colours and hues and flower times from early to late summer. English Lavender is the quintessential lavender type with long, slender flower spikes and is often the most scented, whereas French Lavender is immediately recognisable for its shorter, rounded flower heads and delightful tufted ears (bracts) at the top.

Whichever you choose, plant your lavenders in a sunny spot in well-drained soil and you'll have weeks of flowers and fragrance to enjoy in summertime for many years to come!

Hedges Direct also stocks other English and French varieties of Lavender in varying pot sizes that can be planted either as stand-alone shrubs, or to create a pretty and fragrant low-level hedge along border edges or paths. Read our Lavender Hedging Guide for more information.
French Lavender Collection 2L Pot x 6

French Lavender Collection 2L Pot x 6

Price: 34.99Our French Lavender collection features specially chosen white, mauve and deep-purple flowering varieties, blooming from late spring onwards. With shorter, rounded flower heads and signature ear tufts, an enticing fragrance and bright green-grey foliage, French Lavenders popularity is well-deserved! View Full Description
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