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Hedging Plants & Evergreen Shrubs For Shade

Hedging Plants & Evergreen Shrubs For Shade

If you're looking for suitable plants that will grow in the shade, Hedges Direct has a vast range of hedging and evergreen shrubs available. Our hedging plants are ideal for shaded areas and will sustain healthy growth. If your garden struggles with sunlight, browse our range of hedge plants for shade.

With an increase in urban/city living, more gardens are being overlooked or bordered by walls and neighbouring buildings, casting shade onto outdoor spaces and leaving homeowners unsure about which plants are best suited for shaded areas. The British weather also impacts how plants grow and develop, especially when living in the UK. Contrary to belief, while plants do require natural sunlight for healthy growth, some shrubs can still survive with limited light. So, if you're a keen gardener, there is hope and a solution - shade loving plants that will grow happily in the UK climate. You can view our full range of plants for shade, or you can call to speak to a member of our team today on 01257 263873.

At Hedges Direct we have a variety of stunning plants suitable for shaded areas. We always say it's better to plant for your situation than try to fight the elements. You can find our best shade-loving plants for hedging here.

Laurel Cherry, Yew English, Leylandii Green and Hawthorn are fantastic choices for hedging plants suitable for shade. Browse our full list below or contact Hedges Direct if you have any questions. We have plants available for ample shade and partial shade, as well as shade-loving evergreen shrubs perfect for the UK climate.

For more information, read our hedging plants for shade guide here. Our guide provides expert knowledge on how to correctly plant and maintain hedging plants for shade, including evergreen shrubs, to ensure they sustain healthy growth.

For more information on choosing the right hedge plant for shade, feel free to get in touch with our expert team today on 01257 263 873 or email us at [email protected] and don't forget, we have a full 12 Month No Quibble Guarantee on all of our plants so you can buy with complete confidence.


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