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Native Hedging

Native Hedging

Native hedging is always a popular choice and is seen in abundance throughout the great British countryside. With many different species to choose from, all with their own unique attributes, native hedgerows are also a wildlife and eco-system haven.

Introduction to Native Hedging
Introduction to Native Hedging

Introduction to Native Hedging

Native hedging is species native to the UK. Popular species include Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Dog Rose, Bird Cherry, Wild Cherry, Hazel, Field Maple and Privet amongst others. All of these native species are important for local wildlife including birds, bees, butterflies and small mammals, offering food sources throughout a large portion of the year, as well as shelter and protection from predators.

Mixed native hedging is most often seen as countryside hedgerows where besides housing and feeding wildlife, it plays an important part in defining boundaries, stablising land and borders, providing a 'greener' alterntative to walls or fences and helping to maintain the local eco-system and environmental balance. It is vital therefore that we continue to plant and maintain native hedging in order to conserve not just the local ecology and environment but also our national heritage.

Our mixed native hedging packs (also bare root only) are species focused for differing situations - Hawthorn/Blackthorn based for fields, paddocks, our coastal selection is ideal for exposed areas or salt-laden air and our garden species give year round appeal. For a premium mixed native hedge without the wait however, we also have our mixed native instant hedging troughs which form an almost seamless hedge immediately on planting.

Whilst most of the options available here are bare root which are only available during the dormant winter months, native hedging species are also available in other root types including pot grown options and so are available all year round.

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