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Root Ball Hedging

Root Ball Hedging

Notice to customers: Root Ball hedging is now available to order. See the species below for those with root ball options. If you need further information, please call 01257 263873 to enquire.

Root ball plants are an established field grown plant, left to develop for a number of years to provide hedging with good height and foliage structure. Many root ball hedging plants are in fact evergreen and are fairly substantial being some of the larger hedging plants that we supply and providing immediate impact when planted.

Root balled hedging plants are grown naturally in a field, not unlike bare roots and when ready for delivery, they are scooped out of the ground by a machine which cuts a ball of soil around the root system. This is then wrapped in a biodegradable hessian sack or a wire cage (for the larger plants), both of which are left on the plant when planted in the ground and decompose naturally. Being field grown rather than pot grown which take more care and cultivation, root ball hedging size for size is often a lower price than the equivalent pot, therefore well worth considering if a more developed hedge is required.

For more information on root ball hedging along with our other root types, read our full Root Types Explained Guide.

Root Ball Hedging

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