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Hedges Direct Quality Standards

We understand that buying plants online may seem daunting but we can assure you we take every step to elevate those concerns and provide a stress free experience from first browsing our site to planting your chosen plants.

Expert Evergreen 12 Month Plant Guarantee

To give you peace of mind about buying plants online, we offer a full 12 month guarantee on all our plants subject to qualifying conditions. By purchasing Rootgrow plus one other recommended secondary plant feed (either Seaweed Bio-stimulant, Bone Meal or After Plant) at the time of plant purchase, and by following our recommended planting guidelines, all plants purchased will be covered under our full Expert Evergreen 12 month plant guarantee. For more information see our Plant Guarantee Page.

Quality Control

A great deal of hard work goes into the selection, care and delivery of our plants to your doorstep...

We regularly visit our growing sites to check on the progress of our plants. However, when a delivery arrives at our nursery, a member of our quality team will again inspect all of the plants to ensure that they meet our top-grade quality standard.

Once all of the plants have been checked, our dedicated plant care and maintenance team will find them a perfect spot on our nursery. We have a number of polytunnels for our more delicate species, sheltered areas for our younger plants and open fields with support frames for our tall and established plants.

To keep our plants in top condition, the team monitor and manage each area of nursery closely. Each species is watered, fed, pruned and maintained appropriately to ensure that they are in peak condition before being picked for your order.

We work closely with DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) and NPPOs (National Plant Protection Organisations) operating a plant passport type certification system to ensure that plant health and disease prevention is expertly managed and controlled. The plants are subject to both planned and random inspections followed by a strict regime of plant maintenance at our nursery, all of which ensures our environment and our ecology remains protected.

All of our growers are expert horticulturalists who work strictly to the regulations governing the horticultural industry across the UK and Europe. They have many years' experience of growing and nurturing plants, all of which meet the health and standards required by both the NPPOs and DEFRA. This means you can be assured that the plants you receive will not only be healthy but also top quality.


Before we deliver, one of our experienced nursery workers personally inspects every plant to check its health and vitality, we water it for the journey and then carefully pack. We're confident you'll be completely happy with your delivery, although we ask you to remember that even top grade plants are living, growing plants are not always uniform and perfect. They've been grown in the open air and are susceptible to wind damage and insects just as they will be when planted in your garden.

Delivery or Plant Issues and Returns

If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your delivery, please contact us immediately at: [email protected] We may well ask you to photograph the plants on the day of delivery. We will do our utmost to resolve your complaint, and providing the plants have been kept in a suitable place and watered appropriately, we will replace them or refund your money. Please see our Terms and Conditions for full details of our returns policy (see section 8).


We have over 12,000 5 star Feefo reviews from our customers; you can read our most recent reviews on our Feefo Reviews Page to see what our customers have to say about us and our quality standards.

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