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Patio and Balcony Shrubs

Patio and Balcony Shrubs

Apartment and urban living is increasingly popular, but despite many such homes having limited outdoor space, the desire to have some form of garden is now high on people's wish lists. Hedges Direct has therefore put together a range of shrubs that make the perfect balcony plants or patio plants. After all, an outdoor space in which to create a garden doesn't need to have traditional beds or borders. Lots of garden plants and shrubs will grow just as happily in pots, containers or planters.

Balcony gardens in particular are increasing in popularity as it's now widely recognised that having outdoor plants in pots or troughs is helping those with smaller spaces to not only create their own unique style of garden, but to receive the many health and wellbeing benefits that growing and enjoying plants brings.

Container plants or shrubs for pots don't always need to be small either - many are grown as large potted plants to provide privacy screening whilst offering interesting texture and movement. Plants for trellises are also a popular choice for balcony or patio plants, needing only a small footprint due to their upward growth. They are an ideal choice for small or narrow spaces. See our Climbing Plants and Wall Shrubs Page for more inspiration.

The versatility of patio or balcony plants and gardens offers endless creative possibilities with the option to move pots or containers around, take away or add new plants to your space and create alternative looks depending on your mood or the season. The only limit to what you can achieve is your imagination!

Browse our Patio and Balcony Shrubs range below. For more advice call the team on 01257 263 873 or email [email protected]
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