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Drought Tolerant Hedging

Drought Tolerant Hedging


As the summer weather in the UK continues to become hotter for longer each year, drought tolerant species of hedging plants are becoming the de facto choice for many gardeners, particularly for those in parts of the country where hosepipe bans have become a regular annual occurrence.

Many of the hedge plants we offer can thrive in dry soils, and as such can certainly be viewed as being drought resistant. As a general rule of thumb, some of the qualities to look out for are plants with smaller leaves which require less water, such as Box (Buxus), or foliage that is grey-green in colour, allowing it to reflect more of the suns rays rather than absorb them, like Oleaster.

If you're worried that drought tolerant hedging choices limits you to a sea of greyish leaves, fear not, as we have a wide range of flowering hedging which is also drought tolerant, the most obvious of course being our range of Lavenders. Both Brachyglottis and Forsythia could be used to add a splash of yellow to drought-prone gardens, whilst our colourful range of Berberis hedge plants can add a wide spectrum of colour to a garden in need of drought tolerant hedging.

If you haven't bought plants online before, please don't be nervous. We have a full 12 Month No Quibble Guarantee on all of our plants so you can buy with complete confidence.

For further information about drought tolerant hedges or any of our hedge plants, contact us on 01257 263 873 or email us at [email protected].


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