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Bamboo Hedging Plants

Bamboo Hedging Plants

Bamboo plants might not immediately spring to mind for hedging, however bamboo screening and hedging is seeing a surge in popularity for a number of reasons. Bamboo is generally fast growing making it an ideal plant for anyone not wanting a long wait for a complete hedge. Our Bamboo varieties are also evergreen, so will provide a year-round screen and colour in the garden.

Bamboo is dense in habit with an abundance of the long, slender, lance-like leaves, making it a very effective privacy screen. It's also an excellent barrier for reducing both wind and noise. However one of the biggest positives to planting bamboo is that it is an excellent absorber of carbon dioxide and toxins from air pollution; in return it s an efficient oxygen producer, all of which makes it a true climate champion and of particular benefit in urban areas!

Bamboo's exotic aesthetic and soft movement in the breeze has made it very popular in current garden design. It is a very adaptable and hardy plant with bamboo in pots becoming as popular for creating privacy and bringing year-round colour to balcony gardens, as being planted into larger gardens as a green living wall or hedge. Exuding an air of tranquility and peace, Bamboo can form an eye-catching focal point for rest and relaxation. It truly is a versatile choice of plant for gardens of all sizes, and whilst overall it prefers a warmer spot in the sun, it will tolerate some shade.

Hedges Direct has five species of bamboo for gardens, each with their own unique qualities, from the exotic and striking black canes of Black Bamboo, the buttery yellow stems of Golden Bamboo or the flowing form of Umbrella Bamboo, each variety adds its own facet of oriental character!

Browse the species below for more detailed information on each variety or call our team on 01257 263 873 to find your perfect match.

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