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Hedges Direct Plant Guarantee

Hedges Direct Plant Guarantee


12 Month Growth Guarantee

We never compromise on quality. Our teams work hard to hand-pick the best quality plants to ensure that you will get the absolute best for your project.

However, sometimes plants have a mind of their own. With our Hedges Direct Growth Guarantee, we've got you covered. Our 12-month guarantee is our 100% promise to you, that you can buy with complete confidence, that if any plants fail within 12 months, we will replace them.

We're Here to Help Your Plants Grow

We're Here to Help Your Plants Grow

By following our 3 top tips for planting and caring for your new plants, they will stand a much better chance of success.

Tip No. 1- Plant using Rootgrow and a secondary plant feed

With many years' experience, we have found that when planting with the below tried and tested products, plant failure rates do drop significantly. To give your plants the best start in their new home and to help prevent failures we would highly recommend planting with Rootgrow and a general feed and fertiliser.

  • Rootgrow Mycorrhizal Fungi is ideal for application during planting, and we advise using it for all planting projects to ensure a well-established root system, better drought tolerance, healthier plant growth and superior establishment.

  • Bonemeal is a slow release fertiliser that can be used at the time of planting and seasonally to improve the quality of the soil.

  • AfterPlant Evergreen Bio-Active Fertiliser is for use specifically with evergreen plants after planting to encourage lush and healthy growth. It complements the use of Rootgrow as a planting aid helping to strengthen and nourish the plants.

  • Seaweed Bio-Stimulant is ideal for any plant type. When used in conjunction with Rootgrow, the liquid seaweed can speed up the mycorrhizal fungi colonisation by up to 60% creating a highly efficient root support process to promote healthy root development and establishment.

Tip No. 2 - Prepare your planting area before you begin

Make sure you weed the planting area beforehand and continue to weed during the first few years of establishment.

Tip No. 3 - Immediate and ongoing care for your plants

If your local area is prone to rabbits and/or windy conditions, consider planting with rabbit guards and stakes to keep them protected.

While they are young and just establishing themselves plants (and hedging plants are no exception) require regular watering. Water generously during planting and throughout dry periods. Direct water to the base of the plants and do not water foliage during very hot and sunny weather as this can burn the leaves as it evaporates.

In case of extreme cold weather we would recommend laying a fleece bag or any breathable material over plants that have been newly planted. Just be sure to remove it once the temperatures rise to prevent suffocating your plants.

Our Advice section features more details planting and growing advice.

Our Quality Process

Our Quality Process

We're passionate about hedges and part of that is ensuring we only source and despatch the best quality.

We regularly visit our growing sites to check on the progress, health and growth of our stock. All our growers work strictly to the regulations governing the horticultural industry and have many years' growing experience expertly cultivating plants to their best potential.

When a delivery arrives at our nursery, a member of our quality team will inspect all of the plants to ensure that they meet our high-quality standard. Once the plants have been checked, our teams will find them an appropriate place on our nursery to keep them in the best condition. Depending on the species and the time of year, this will be in our polytunnels, in a sheltered bay or barn or out in our fields.

During their stay at our nursery, all plants are cared for by our dedicated plant care and maintenance team. This includes appropriate watering, feeding, pruning, frost protection and general plant maintenance including pest and disease control. Our plants are therefore in peak condition before being picked for your order.

Concerned About Your Plants?

Concerned About Your Plants?

If you have plants that look to be failing, or have failed, please contact our Customer Care team. Our knowledgeable team will help diagnose any issues, advise on potential treatment to aide plant recovery or confirm if failure is likely and will then help to organise replacements.

To help us to help you we ask that you provide the following information:

  • Your original Order Number and delivery postcode
  • Your full name and contact telephone number
  • Clear photos of the plants in their planting area and a close-up image of the affected plants

Once we have reviewed the photos, we will advise on next steps. Any plants confirmed to have failed we will replace. Please note, our guarantee is based on the assurance that they have been planted and cared for according to our recommendations. This enables us to ensure that the conditions were optimal for the plants to thrive. In the event of a replacement, all we ask is that you cover the delivery costs.

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