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Hedges Direct Plant Guarantee

Hedges Direct Plant Guarantee


The Hedges Direct 12 Month Plant Guarantee

We are dedicated to providing our customers with quality hedging plants, so much so that we guarantee our hedge plants for a full 12 months. If any plants purchased from Hedges Direct fail within the first 12 months after delivery, we will replace them. All we ask is that you cover the delivery cost.

We have two levels of guarantee: 'Expert Evergreen', our premium plant guarantee and 'Budding' which is our standard plant guarantee. We recommend that you read the information on both guarantees either prior to purchase or prior to contacting us with any issues in the 12 months after purchase, to be aware of the difference and understand which guarantee applies to your plants.

Expert Evergreen Plant Guarantee
Expert Evergreen Plant Guarantee

Expert Evergreen Plant Guarantee
All failures replaced up to twelve months after delivery providing enough Rootgrow and Bonemeal is purchased with order and planting guide is followed.


1. Plants must be purchased from Hedges Direct Limited and planted using Rootgrow and Bonemeal also purchased from Hedges Direct.

Rootgrow treated plants establish better with greater vigour, replant more successfully, have better developed root systems and cope better with drought conditions compared to non-treated plants.

Bonemeal is a slow release fertiliser that can be used seasonally to improve the quality of the soil.

We advise planting with both of these products and with over 13 years' experience in hedge planting we speak from experience when we say that failure rates drop significantly when planting with a combination of these fertilisers.

2. You must also have followed our planting and aftercare guidelines which can be downloaded from your confirmation email as a PDF or they are available to download from the link at the bottom of this page

Budding Plant Guarantee
Budding Plant Guarantee

Budding Plant Guarantee
Any failures above 10% replaced for up to twelve months providing planting guide is followed.


1. If you have purchased plants from Hedges Direct and NOT purchased Rootgrow and Bonemeal, you do still qualify for our Standard Plant Guarantee. This covers any failures above the first 10% of plants purchased.

With any living plants there is always a small chance of failures but if you follow our planting guidelines, this can be kept to a minimum and if you use Rootgrow and Bonemeal alongside our planting and aftercare instructions, plant failures can be avoided completely.

Contact Us

Contact Us

In order to identify the cause of any failures so we can improve our processes or advise on avoiding repeated failures, we ask you to provide the following information via email:

  • Your original Order Number and delivery postcode.
  • Your full name and contact telephone number.
  • Clear photos of the plants in their planting area and a close-up image of the affected part(s) of the plants.
Please contact us via email - [email protected]

Once we have confirmed your order details, we will be in touch to arrange delivery.

Planting Advice

Planting Advice

We provide a great deal of planting advice for each specific type of hedging as well as seasonal advice on dealing with the weather.

Hedges Direct Top Planting Tips:

  • Plant using Rootgrow and Bonemeal. Our website calculates the exact amount of Rootgrow and Bonemeal required for plants you're purchasing. You can call our expert Sales team on 01257 263 873.
  • Water well during planting and throughout dry periods. Direct water to the base of the plants, do not water foliage during very sunny and warm weather as this may burn the foliage as it evaporates.
  • Water during the coolest time of the day, either first thing or last thing, never during the middle of the day.
  • Rain does count towards watering so adjust accordingly, i.e. heavy rain means you need to water less, but light rain would not provide enough water to your plants.
  • Make sure you weed the planting area beforehand and continue to weed during the first few years of establishment. You can use rabbit guards, mulch matting and mypex ground cover the help with weeds and pests
You can access our Planting Guides here.

Or you can visit the Hedges Direct Blog which is full of useful tips and advice for planting, pruning and caring for your hedging plants.

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