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Pot Grown Instant Hedging Plants

Pot Grown Instant Hedging Plants


Our Pot Grown Instant Hedging range features mature, bushy or tall hedging plants ideal for creating a screen or hedge in a relatively short period of time, but for less cost than our instant trough grown hedging. Our growers have nurtured these plants over several years to produce robust plants that will thrive once planted. They may initially cost more than smaller pots, but are worth the investment, as overall you need less plants per metre, and with their developed growth, they will take much less time to form a full hedge, so saving you time and money.

If these larger potted hedging plants aren't what you are looking for, we have smaller plants in many species. See our general Pot Grown Hedge Plants page for pots in all sizes and species. Or, if you are looking to hedge a larger area, see our Discounted Pot Grown Packs and Pallet Deals.

Please note that items listed as 'Premium Grade' - are products requiring specialist delivery, due to their size and weight. Bespoke delivery costs apply to these items. To place an order for these specific products, or to enquire further, please call the sales team.

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