Large Hedging Pots

Large Hedging Pots

Large pots are usually pots sized 10L and over. These hedging plants are established mature plants, with developed root systems, stems and foliage (dependent upon time of year and whether evergreen/deciduous varieties). The advantage of buying this type of hedging is firstly, that they easily transplant and adjust successfully to their new home in the garden and secondly, the plants are mature so you need less per metre to achieve fullness. In fact, it's possible to achieve an almost instant hedge look immediately on planting and at far less cost than buying the instant trough grown hedging.

Please do call us on 01257 263 873 with any questions on these lovely mature plants including ordering and delivery.

If these large potted hedging plant are a little on the large side for your needs, we have smaller specimens in many species. See our general Pot Grown Hedge Plants page for pots in all sizes and species. In addition if you are looking to hedge a larger area, have a look at our Discounted Pot Grown Packs and Pallet Deals. Just click the links below.


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