Premium Pot Grown Hedging Pants

Premium Pot Grown Hedging Pants

Our Premium Pot Grown Instant Hedging range only features mature, full or tall hedging plants along with a selection of special premium grade plants, all of which offer instant impact on planting for an overnight garden transformation.

Expertly grown and nurtured over a number of years to produce the best specimens, these established hedging plants have strong, developed root systems and bushy foliage (dependent upon time of year and whether evergreen/deciduous) and can be used to create an instant hedge look immediately on planting.

These superb mature or tall hedging plants are easily transplanted and will adjust successfully to their new home in the garden, as the thriving root system remains intact. A further advantage to choosing plants from this range, is that you need less plants per metre to achieve fullness, so in comparison to our premium trough grown instant hedging, our premium pot grown hedging range can be much more affordable. Our sales team can help you when comparing prices across different types of instant hedging, so please do get in touch for more information.

Please note that some of our premium pots range - items listed as 'Premium Grade' - are products requiring specialist delivery, due to their size and weight. Bespoke delivery costs apply to these items. To place an order for these specific products, or to enquire further about these or any other item, please call the sales team on 01257 263 876

If these tall and premium potted hedging plants are a little on the large side for your needs, we have smaller specimens in many species. See our general Pot Grown Hedge Plants page for pots in all sizes and species. In addition if you are looking to hedge a larger area, have a look at our Discounted Pot Grown Packs and Pallet Deals. Just click the links below.


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