Trough Grown Instant Hedging

Trough Grown Instant Hedging

An instant hedge is an environmentally-friendly, speedy solution for privacy and garden screening and ideal to define a boundary as an alternative to traditional fencing. All of our instant hedging units are expertly grown and nurtured over a number of years to produce a beautiful, mature and ready-clipped, instant hedge look, immediately on planting.

Each instant hedging unit is grown in a trough of either 50cm or 1m in length and is easily transferred from the trough or bag straight into the ground. The hedging units quickly knit together, blending seamlessly in a very short period of time, giving the impression that the hedge has been in situ for years.

Ready-grown instant hedging units are the ideal instant hedge solution for commercial applications such as golf courses, country parks and grounds, retail and leisure parks, urban and city developments, stately homes and many more. However, with a range of species and sizes, instant hedging also has its place in domestic homes and gardens, small and large. .

So, if you are looking for truly instant impact and a hedge that is ready-grown and pre-clipped to size - then trough grown instant hedging is for you! Browse through all our instant hedging troughs below or call the sales team on 01257 263 876 for more information and advice.

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