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What's Popular Now?

What's Popular Now?

If you are new to gardening and hedging, or you are wondering what other people are buying right now and what the popular plant choices and products are, then look no further. Our What's Popular Now page has all the latest popular buys, featured products, back-in stock and new range information. So, if you're not sure where to start then this is an ideal page to give you some ideas as to what's hot, what's on trend, what's new and what's coming soon! And of course if you want more information or advice, our helpful and friendly team are only a phone call away. We also offer a 12 month guarantee on all of our plants, which means you can buy with complete confidence. Visit our Plant Guarantee Page for further information.

Top Selling Seasonal Hedging Products

The main hedging season where all of our hedge types are available is fast approaching. Bare roots and root balled hedging plants are our most popular options at this time of year and represent great value with a massive choice of species and sizes.

  • Bare roots are our most economical hedging plants and are just that - plants taken from the fields with just their roots and no surrounding soil. They are dormant when lifted, easy to transport and extremely economical. Once planted they will grow over time and become a full hedge like any other.

  • Root balled hedging plants are more mature field-grown plants, scooped from the ground with a ball of soil surrounding the established roots. Easily transplantable, these bushier and more mature plants take less time to knit together to form a hedge, and are available in a huge range of species and sizes to accommodate most budgets and projects.

  • Our mixed native hedging packs are some of our most popular hedge options. Made up of species native only to the UK, they are economical and completely suited to our climate, but also enourage wildlife and bio-diversity in your garden, as well as helping to preserve our nation's hedging heritage. Ideal for town and countryside in general, these popular packs go quickly!

  • Instant hedging is the perfect choice if you want to achieve a mature, kitted together hedge look in no time. Usually grown in 1m sections of varying heights, these mature hedge units have been trough grown, nurtured and clipped over several years to give you full hedge sections to just slot into place. No hedge to full hedge, in an instant!

Top Selling Hedging Species

The hedging species here are the hot sellers of the moment, ever popular for their year-round appeal and versatility. We have a huge selection of evergreen options, native hedge plants, colourful hedging and traditional hedging plants in our full range, but these six are our current all-round superstars!

Top Selling UK Native Hedging Plants

We've recently seen a huge amount of interest in and demand for Native hedging in particular. especially as more people are now recognising the importance of planting native species in helping to conserve our natural UK heritage and habitats. This in turn helps to conserve and protect local wildlife, providing save haven, nesting sites, food, shelter and wildlife corridors to allow safe travel between different habitats. There are many native hedging species offering lots of positives to any garden but here are our current top sellers! To see all of our native hedging options including our brand new mixed native pot collections, please visit our Native Hedging Plants page.

Evergreen Hedging

Hedges are often sought as a solution for providing privacy and defining boundaries as well being excellent windbreaks, noise and pollution absorbers and homes to wildlife. To provide this year-round however, ideally, you need an evergreen hedge which will always have foliage. Below are our most popular evergreen hedges but you can see the full selection on our Evergreen Hedging Page.

Garden and Privacy Screens

If you like the look of a hedge, but need to save on space or cost, or you'd like a secure permieter and privacy without compromising on style, look no further than our hedge screening options. We have a brand new range of Easy Hedge instant Hedging Elements which give you a mature hedge look with privacy in an instant. Lightweight, fast and easy to install these cost effective instant hedging elements can makeover your space in just hours! Or to look at all of our instant hedge screening options, visit the All screens page.

Garden Planting Essentials

Our Garden Essentials range is just that, an essential part of your planting and growing journey. By planting with Rootgrow and a fertiliser such as Bonemeal or After Plant, you ensure the best start for your plants in their new home. Our canes and rabbit guards will also give bare roots support and protection while they establish. Our Garden Essentials add-on section in the shopping cart will recommend which products to buy and in what quantity so it really couldnt be easier! Visit our Garden Essential page to see our full range of pots, tools, feeds, topsoil and more.

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