Evergreen Hedges

Evergreen Hedges


Evergreen hedges are a popular choice to have in the garden or as part of your outdoor space. They provide year-round leaf cover and a consistent, attractive, full hedge look. Evergreen shrubs are favourable with gardeners where privacy is required, as the fullness of the foliage creates a natural green screen perfect for keeping gardens secluded from general view. Aside from the all-year-round green coverage and privacy that evergreen plants provide, they also have excellent sound-absorbing capabilities and popular in built-up, urban areas. However, this is dependent upon the species.

The benefits that evergreen hedging provides continues. This type of hedging species can act as a highly effective pollutant absorbent, helping to filter toxic particles from the air, generated by traffic emissions. With permanent leaf cover, this process continues year-round, as opposed to deciduous hedges which lose leave cover in autumn/ winter. As a result, the air in the vicinity is consistently cleaner.

Environmentally, evergreen hedges have a myriad of positives, making them a popular choice of plans for hedging. They help to stabilise the ground, preventing soil erosion. Also, evergreen shrubs act as a prevention measure, soaking up excess groundwater before it can reach hard surfaces or homes.

Plants for Hedging

Choosing the right plants for your garden and outdoor space needn't be tricky. Decide on the type of evergreen plants suitable and identify the specific requirements, i.e. depth and height. Research the soil conditions that you'll be working with and ensure your choices are optimal. Ensure you're aware of what is required to maintain your selected plants for hedging.

For more information about evergreen plants, weve put together a full evergreen hedging guide.

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