Evergreen Hedging

Evergreen Hedging

Evergreen hedges are a popular choice to have in the garden or as part of your outdoor space. The evergreen hedges provide year-round leaf cover, offering a lush, full look that creates a natural screen to bring privacy to your garden. Some species of evergreen hedges have strong sound-absorbing capabilities, making them ideal for those living in urban areas.

As well as looking stunning, evergreen shrubs are effective at absorbing pollution to help filter toxic particles from the air, making it cleaner to breathe in. Environmentally-conscious gardeners also appreciate evergreen plants for their ability to stabilise the ground, preventing soil erosion. They also soak up excess groundwater before it reaches hard surfaces or homes, so evergreen hedging is an excellent preventative measure. Plus, their year-round cover means they are an excellent habitat for wildlife, providing food, shelter and protection.

There are so many different varieties of evergreen hedges available - whether you're looking for beautiful and fragrant flowering or berrying hedges, colourful foliage, fast-growing varieties, low-growing hedges or hedges that can work as an intruder deterrent, there will be something for all preferences and garden types.

Finding the perfect evergreen hedging for your garden needn't be tricky - if you know the depth and height of your desired hedges and the type of soil you'll be working with, Hedges Direct has a wide range of evergreen hedges to suit your needs. We also have a useful evergreen hedging guide to give you more tips and advice.

If you haven't bought plants online before, please don't be nervous. We have a full 12 Month No Quibble Guarantee on all of our plants so you can buy with complete confidence.

For further information about evergreen hedges or any of our hedge plants, contact us on 01257 263 873 or email us at [email protected]


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