Extra Tall Hedging Plants

Extra Tall Hedging Plants

Customer notice: Please note that our extra-tall root ball range is now out of stock until the autumn.

Root balled hedging plants are field-grown for several years to produce large, bushy plants and are a popular choice for hedging. However, our extra-tall root ball collection features only the very biggest prime specimens - those which have a dramatic impact on the landscape and offer an unsurpassed level of privacy. These fully mature, field-grown plants offer a unique instant hedging solution and make a truly stunning impression - special doesn't even cover it!

Our extra tall hedging plants range from 2.5m in height up to a stunning 8m and stock dependent, are available in several popular evergreen hedging species such as Cherry and Portuguese Laurel, Yew, Leylandii and Western Red Cedar. Due to their extreme size and weight however, they do require specialist transportation and handling. Our Guide to Extra Tall Root Balls has further detailed information, but please call the team on 01257 263 873 with any questions you may have on these spectacular plants, including transportation and delivery.

If you are looking for something different to the products shown below, additional species and sizes are often available. For further information, please call the sales team on 01257 263 873. We also have an extensive range of standard sized plants in a variety of species. See our Root Ball Hedging page for more information.

Please note that our extra tall root balled hedging plants are premium products requiring specialist delivery, due to their size and weight. Bespoke delivery costs apply to all items. To place an order for these products, or to enquire further, please call the sales team on 01257 263 876
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