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Shrubs for Shade

Shrubs for Shade

What are the best plants for shade? That's a question we are often asked and the simple answer to that is that there are a number of shrubs that are shade loving plants and make the perfect plants for a shady border or shaded garden in general.

Most gardens will have some shade at various times of the day but for gardens that experience fully shaded areas - sometimes by a wall or fence, as a result of tall buildings around, or underneath dense trees for example, it can often be a challenge to find the right plants. That's why Hedges Direct's range of Shrubs for Shade is an ideal starting point when looking for plants for shade.

Whilst many shrubs will adapt to partial or dappled shade if they receive at least some sunlight during the day, true shade loving plants that can tolerate all levels of shade, including moderate or deep shade. Hedges Direct's Shrubs for Shade range only includes plants that will tolerate and even thrive in part-shaded or fully shaded locations. All will all grow quite happily in low light situations allowing you to make the very best of your garden, adding colour and interest, and overcoming what can be a challenging planting scenario.

Browse the Shrubs for Shade range below. For more advice call the team on 01257 263 873 or email [email protected]
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