Hedge Finder Wizard

Hedge Finder Wizard

If you don't know which species you'd like but you know what attributes you are looking for in a hedge i.e. evergreen, has berries, intruder proof etc, it's really easy to use our Hedge Finder Wizard.
  • Step 1 - Simply click the down arrow to the right of the attribute you want.
  • Step 2 - Click 'Yes' and the species listing will filter on this choice.
  • Step 3 - Choose another attribute, do the same again and your species choice will filter further. Repeat as required.
Eventually you will have a small selection to browse at your leisure to find the perfect hedge for you. To clear the filter and start again simply click the 'Clear All' button at the top. Simple! But don't forget, if you're new to hedges or you have further questions and would like some advice, our dedicated sales team are available to help you on 01257 263 873 Alternatively have a look at our Hedging Advice section which has lots of useful information and advice to help you make an informed choice!

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