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Pot Grown Hedge Plants

Pot Grown Hedge Plants

Our pot grown hedging range, most of which is UK grown, is extensive featuring both evergreen and deciduous species. There are many different height options available, usually several in each species and dependant on species they can range from 10cm to 2m.

Being pot grown as opposed to field grown, the plants have benefitted from ongoing care and cultivation in their watering, weeding, feeding and re-potting when needed. As a result, when planted there is an excellent success rate as the roots remain cocooned and protected from damage by the pots until they are removed for planting. Pot grown plants have the added benefit of being able to be left in their pots for an extended period of time before planting as long as they are kept watered, which means planting can be done at your ot the weather's convenience!

For more information on pot grown hedging along with our other root types, read our full Root Types Explained Guide.

Pot Grown Hedge Plants

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