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Fresh Pleached Trees

Fresh Pleached (From £249.99)

Fresh pleached trees are younger versions of mature pleached trees, which are just starting to grow onto their framework. Once planted, with a little time and care, they will grow into full, stunning trees that can create an effective screen around your garden for added privacy.

When carefully planted in rows, fresh pleached trees will grow into a raised, lush wall in your outdoor space, making them a natural alternative to fencing. Pleached trees are also a timeless way to add style and elegance to your garden.

Hedges Direct has a wide range of fresh pleached trees to suit your needs. Pleached Hornbeam trees are one of our bestsellers, as they grow wonderfully even in poor soil. Cherry Laurel trees bring a modern touch to the garden, whilst Photinia trees have a rich, red foliage that look beautiful in the warmer months. You can also create an eye-catching canvas with the bountiful blooms of the Double Crimson Flowering Hawthorn and the fruiting/flowering espalier varieties of Lime and Pear, which are available in our Pot Grown Fresh Pleached Tree range.

Root ball fresh pleached trees are only available autumn to spring, however pot grown fresh pleached are available all year round. If you'd like to find out more about our range, you can call the Hedges Direct team on 01257 263 873 or you can read all about pleached trees in our Pleached Trees Information Guide.

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