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Plant Feed and Fertiliser

Plant Feed and Fertiliser

When it comes to plants, it’s vital to nurture and provide them with the highest standard of care to maintain their health, growth and development. The plant feed and fertiliser products stocked on our website are what we strongly recommend our customers use. In fact we now offer a full 12 month guarantee on all your plants when you buy the recommended amount of Rootgrow plus one other recommended feed/fertiliser at the same time. These include Bonemeal Root Builder, Seaweed Bio-Stimulant and Afterplant Evergreen Bio-Active fertiliser. The plant feeds listed can be used together for an increased effect or individually.

To find out more about our comprehensive 'Expert Evergreen' 12 Month Plant Guarantee, please visit our Plant Guarantee Page for detailed information plus the associated terms and conditions.

Which Products Should I Use for My Plants?

A common question asked by our customers is which plant feeds or fertilisers they should use around their garden. Below is some useful information from our experts.

Rootgrow Mycorrhizal Fungi

Rootgrow Mycorrhizal Fungi is ideal for application during planting, and we advise using it for all planting projects. This product ensures a well-established root system, better drought tolerance, healthier plant growth and superior establishment. We consider this a must, as do the Royal Horticulture Society.

Bonemeal Root Builder

Bonemeal Root Builder is ideal for application during planting and aftercare. This is an organic product with slow release fertiliser that can be used as an alternative to Rootgrow for budget planting, or as a top-dressing during spring.

Seaweed Bio-Stimulant

Seaweed Bio-Stimulant is ideal for application as an aftercare product for your plants. This plant feed works particularly well in conjunction with Rootgrow as the liquid seaweed can speed up the mycorrhizal colonisation by up to 60%.

Afterplant Evergreen Bio-Active Fertiliser

Afterplant Evergreen Bio-Active Fertiliser is ideal for application as an aftercare product for evergreen shrubs. This plant fertiliser complements the use of Rootgrow as a planting aid. Afterplant is the perfect companion to evergreen plants, both ground and container grown.

Browse our plant feed and fertilisers below or contact Hedges Direct today for advice or for more information on which product is best suited for your shrubs. Call us on 01257 263 873 or email at [email protected]



From: 11.49Each pack of Rootgrow contains organic mycorrhizal (pronounced my-cor-y-zal) fungi - a friendly fungi for plants which greatly promotes healthy growth. View Full Description

Westland Bonemeal Root Builder (1.5kg)

Westland Bonemeal Root Builder (1.5kg)

Price: 5.49Bonemeal is an organic slow release fertiliser which enriches the soil encouraging strong and healthy root growth. It's excellent used at the time of planting and we also recommend it as a top dressing in Spring for established hedges View Full Description
Seaweed Bio-Stimulant (1L)

Seaweed Bio-Stimulant (1L)

Price: 8.99This is a terrific product for all newly planted hedging, particularly bare root hedging. It's a fertiliser, proven effective in trials, that improves root development through the leaves rather than directly via the roots. View Full Description
After Plant Evergreen Fertiliser (1kg)

After Plant Evergreen Fertiliser (1kg)

Price: 11.99A Bio-active fertiliser containing rootgrow, seaweed and nitrogen-fixing bacteria. Its the ideal complementing product to Rootgrow (but can not be used as an alternative). View Full Description
Essentials Hedging Care Pack

Essentials Hedging Care Pack

Price: 26.99Our Essentials Hedging Care Pack contains a combination of Bone Meal and After Plant products, which help to encourage strong and healthy roots and foliage on your hedging and shrubs. A one-stop-shop to maintaining healthy and hardy plants in your garden. View Full Description
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