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Instant Garden and Privacy Screening

Instant Garden and Privacy Screening

Garden and Privacy Screening

For garden screening or for general privacy screening and partitioning with an attractive aesthetic, hedge screening is becoming a popular solution. Here are our top reasons why hedging screens are the perfect garden and privacy screening solution:

  • Instant solution: Lightweight, easy and fast to install
  • Space-saving: Narrow depth means ideal for smaller spaces
  • Low maintenance compared to fences or walls
  • Privacy and security of a fence with an attractive aesthetic
  • Living 'green' screens: Environmentally friendly and sustainable
  • Attract and provide shelter for wildlife
  • Proven anti-pollution barriers: help to reduce air toxins, particularly from traffic fumes
  • Range of applications: Residential, Leisure, Education and Commercial

Hedges Direct has an extensive range of instant hedge screening solutions to suit any situation. These environmentally-friendly, sustainable living screens are exceptionally versatile. Residentially, they can be installed as an instant boundary around a home or in place of a fence between properties. They are also ideal for partitioning areas off, for example screening off a patio or section of garden, or concealing your wheelie-bin area.

Commercially, instant hedge screening is an excellent choice for outdoor partitions and perimeter solutions. Evergreen varieties are frequently used to partition and screen outdoor leisure areas, creating private spaces for dining or relaxing. They can form instant, secure and yet attractive boundaries around buildings and businesses and are perfect to hide unsightly walls or views. Increasingly, Ivy Screens are being used alongside busy roads and around schools in heavily trafficked areas as an effective anti-pollution measure, significantly improving air quality in the vicinity and contributing to better health and wellbeing.

To find your instant, ready-made solution for garden screening, privacy screening or outdoor partitioning, browse our large Ivy Screens range or our general Hedging Screens range, which offers an alternative to the traditional ivy screen, featuring popular species such as Beech and Hornbeam, or pretty flowering or berrying varieties such as Star Jasmine and Pyracantha.

For more information on instant hedging screens, contact the Hedges Direct team on 01257 263 873 or email us at [email protected]

Instant Garden & Privacy Screening

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