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Ivy Screens

Ivy Screens

Ivy Screens offer an attractive green alternative to a fence and are an ideal solution to cover unslightlly walls, partition or frame areas within a garden or outside space and to act as a more aesthetically pleasing security barrier.

Our range of Hedera helix screens are grown on galvanised steel frames using 13 plants, each with five shoots, creating full coverage. Ivy Screens are easy to install and make a low maintenance, sustainable living fence the popularity of which is increasing in both commercial applications and residential alike.

Ivy screen (Hedera helix) 180cm high 120cm wide

Ivy screen (Hedera helix) 180cm high 120cm wide

Hedera hibernica

Price: 199.99Green screens are an innovative and attractive screening solution giving you the security of a long lasting fence with the environmental benefits and aesthetic of a hedge. View Full Description
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