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Instant Impact

Instant Impact

The products in our Instant Impact category are the ultimate in style and presence for anyone wanting to seriously impress or to create a full hedge look, without the wait! With a wide range of hedging and screening options available, there is an instant solution to suit.

Introduction to Instant Impact
Introduction to Instant Impact

Introduction to Instant Impact

Our Instant Impact range of hedging solutions caters for a range of needs and requirements. From those simply wanting a dramatic change to a need for privacy and security, here at Hedges Direct we have you covered!

For a hedge in a hurry, we have two instant hedging solutions. The first is our instant trough grown or field grown (hedging elements) hedging for a fully grown, pre-clipped, premium grade instant hedging solution with a virtually seamless look. The other option is our instant pot grown hedging, consisting of large pots 10L plus which offer an almost seamless look via etsablished, mature plants, but at a more cost-effective rate than the premium trough grown units.

However, for anyone wanting to make a real style statement with dramatic impact or wanting an unsurpassed level of privacy, our extra tall hedging can offer that and more! These monster specimens come in sizes from 3m up to a towering 9m in a range of species suited to tall and dense growth. Whilst not your everyday garden variety hedging plants, nonetheless these gargantuan and majestic plants do indeed have their place, creating a stunning addition to the landscape with definite wow factor!

Alternatively, for a fast and secure perimeter or privacy solution and for areas where space is at a premium, look no further than our Ivy and Hedging Screens range. These hedging troughs differ in that the plants are trained over a glavanised steel framework of varying heights. This produces a 'screen' rather than hedge, which is narrow of depth, secure yet private. Better yet, these green screens have been proven to absorb pollutants from the air in the vicinity, particularly from traffic, making them the ideal for use in urban areas where space, privacy, security and pollution are common issues.

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