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Climbing Plants and Wall Shrubs

Climbing Plants and Wall Shrubs

Both wall climbers and climbing shrubs can add a completely different decorative dimension to your home and garden. They are wonderful for statement pieces such as pergolas, arbors, arches, obelisks or trellises but equally they can be trained to frame doors, windows or to adorn garden walls providing there is adequate space for the shrub to grow.

A true climbing plant will make the most of a small space as they take up little ground area. Why go outwards when you can go up? Climbers will naturally cling and climb needing only a small amount of support. Wall shrubs are useful to cover unsightly walls or to frame features. They are more bush-like in nature and not necessarily natural climbers so require more ground space and training, however with time, pruning and maintenance, they will grow happily upwards and outwards, looking simply stunning when established.

Below we have a selection of both climbers and wall shrubs. The climbing plants are already training around their canes whilst the wall shrubs have been trained onto a trellis framework and clipped to encourage upward, neat growth. Both are ready for planting and starting their decorative journey around your home or garden.

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