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Economy Hedging

Economy Hedging


If you're looking for cost-effective hedging plants that are available year-round, then look no further, as as all of our most popular budget-friendly hedging plants are in one place for you here. There's a mixture of Cell Grown plants, also known as plug plants, P9's or 9cm pot hedging plants, (our very smallest pots) and standard 2 and 3L potted hedging plants.

All of our small but perfect hedging plants can be bought and planted at any time of year, and won't break the bank to do so, making them ideal for even the most modest of gardening budgets. Alternatively, to see our full range of potted hedging plants go to our Pot Grown hedging page.Don't forget we also have a 12 month plant guarantee on all of our plants. Find out more on our Plant Guarantee Page.

Mixed Native Hedging Packs

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