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Topsoil Calculator

There are a few things to consider when calculating the amount of topsoil needed for your project, mainly the depth of topsoil required.

As a guide:

If you are applying a layer of topsoil under turf we'd recommend at a depth of 10cm.

If you are looking to fill an entire trench for planting a new hedge then we recommend measuring the depth of the trench - excluding very small and very large plants a spades depth / 30cm is usually ample when planting a new hedge.


One 35L bag = approx. 28kg of topsoil

One 750kg bulk bag of topsoil = approx. 27 x 35 litre bags

1 Bag 750kg

Planting TypeQuantity
Turf sqm (laying soil 10cm deep)5.5sqm
Hedges length in metres (1m wide at 10cm depth)7.5m
Trees (number)15 trees

To calculate the amount of topsoil you need:

  1. Measure the length and width of the area of topsoil in metres and multiply together.

  2. Assess the depth of topsoil required in cm and multiply the above calculation by this figure - The depth required will be dependent on the previous use of the area, for example if the area was a patio you will require new topsoil at about 15cm depth, whereas if it was a lawn 5cm would be adequate.

  3. Divide your answer by 100 and you will receive the amount of topsoil needed in cubic metres (our 750kg bags are 3/4's of a cubic metre)

If you need any help calculating the amount of topsoil that you need or would like a quotation for delivery, please get in touch on 01257 263 873.

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