Flowering Hedging Plants

Flowering Hedging Plants

If you're looking for a unique plant for a hedge, shop Hedges Direct's range of flowering hedging. Embrace your creative side by planting flowering hedge plants that boast stunning colours while incorporating different shades and textures to your green space. With Hedges Direct, you can choose from an array of flower shapes from country style daisies and roses to stunning stars and bells.

Whether you're looking for a stunning white, or a vibrant yellow, orange, pink, purple or red, our flowering hedge plants are suitable for any garden design and size. Hedges Direct has a spectrum of flowering plant colours available for your hedge. We have a variety of plants for a hedge to choose from, and you don't have to decide on just one species. These include a mixed flowering hedge, combining an assortment of colours that compliment your current garden or create a stunning, standalone feature for your landscape.

We've listed some popular flowering hedging varieties, as well as a full list of hedge plants including Cherry Laurel, English Lavender and English Yew, which can be filtered by colour. For more information we've put together a flowering hedge guide to help you choose the right species for your garden. You can also view our full range of hedges plants here.

If you require additional information or advice regarding which flowering plant to choose for your hedge, contact our specialist team today on 01257 263873 or email us at [email protected]


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