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Box Head Trees

Box Head Trees
Box head trees are as you imagine them to look like, a tree that has a box-shaped head. To be more specific, box head trees have a straight stem with a foliage head that has been trained around a cube cane structure. To create the box-like shape, the foliage and branch arrangement develops around the tree structure into a mature canopy that is frequently and skilfully pruned and trimmed to perfection, which gives the tree its distinctive appearance.

Box head trees add new meaning to gardens. If you are looking to redesign or modernise your current landscape, then we recommend investing in box head trees. Not only do they provide height to your garden, but they are an iconic feature to own and celebrate. They are also perfect for lining up a pathway and transforming it into something more inviting to guests. Box head trees are an extraordinary, architectural feature to have in an outdoor space. Although this tree type has height, it takes up a surprisingly small amount of room and can add privacy to your outdoor space without being too obvious.

Hedges Direct has a variety of box head trees available including the hornbeam mature box head. Hornbeam foliage is unique and is known for its dark green tones turning brown in winter. It is the perfect tree if you have poor soil in your garden.

For more information about box head trees, including delivery costs and requirements, contact Hedges Direct’s team today on 01257 263 873 or email us at [email protected].

Customer Notice: Please note that our box head pleached trees are now out of stock until autumn.

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