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Garden Irrigation and Weed Control

Garden Irrigation and Weed Control

Hedges Direct are renowned for the high-quality hedging plants that we have been supplying for customers over the years. However, we are aware that every plant is an investment that requires dedicated time, care and attention to maintain healthy growth. One of the joys of gardening is caring for your plants and watching them grow and develop. Every gardener knows that it can be quite a struggle against nature and the elements to ensure your plants are in the best of health, which is why we provide a variety of garden irrigation products.

Our Mulch Matting, Mypex Ground Cover and Leaky Hose garden irrigation products are the ideal solution to ensure your plants are well cared for while saving you time and elbow grease.

Made from 100% recyclable materials, our Mulch Matting is a fantastic weed deterrent that also acts as an insulator to the surrounding soil while creating an attractive natural finish.

The Leaky Hose Irrigation system uses a porous pipe to ensure the root of your plants receive ample water whilst requiring minimal effort from you. Made from recycled material, this garden irrigation product is an energy efficient way to provide your plants with water.

Mypex Ground Cover is a cost-effective weed suppressant that can be covered with decorative stones or bark. Your plants will still receive the right amount of water and air due to the woven fabric to maintain growth and development. It’s an effective weed control membrane and reduces the need for chemical weed killers.

The Mona Range of irrigation products are inegniously simple designs for watering your plants or trees. By providing water directly at the roots, your plants will draw water as and when required meaning perfect watering at all times for optimal growth and development, no matter the weather!

For more information about garden irrigation and how you can protect your plants from weeds, contact Hedges Direct today on 01257 263 873 or email us at [email protected].

Mulch Matting (1 metre)

Mulch Matting (1 metre)

Price: 4.99Our environmentally friendly Mulch Matting is a great way of protecting your plants from weeds whilst ensuring the surrounding soil is kept insulated. Our Mulch Matting is 100% degradable and made from recycled materials. View Full Description
Weed Membrane - Mypex (1 metre)

Weed Membrane - Mypex (1 metre)

Price: 1.99Mypex ground cover is the ideal solution for suppressing unsightly weed growth whilst ensuring your plants still receive the right amount of water and air. The woven fabric allows water and air to easily pass through and reduces the need for chemical weed killers. View Full Description
Leaky Hose (1 metre)

Leaky Hose (1 metre)

Price: 2.99Our Leaky Hose Irrigation System is a cost-effective way of providing your plants with water that is both time and energy efficient. The Leaky Hose is made from recycled material, creating a porous membrane that can be placed on the surface of the soil or up to 6 inches below. View Full Description
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