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Bare Root Hedging Plants

Bare Root Hedging Plants

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Bare root plants and hedging are stems of varying height with a good root system underneath. Field grown and lifted in the winter months when the plants are dormant, bare-root hedging which is often deciduous, and therefore without foliage at this time, can look a little uninspiring. However, this type of hedging offers a real value for money option for hedge planting and will thrive when the spring comes. Available in many different species and of varying size and age, bare-root hedging is a versatile, cost-effective alternative to the more established pot grown or root balled hedging plants. (Please be aware that due to the roots being exposed on these hedge plants, there is a potential failure rate of approximately 10% on planting). However, when you purchase the adequate quantity of Rootgrow and supporting plant feed, we guarantee your hedging for 12 months. Make the most of our full Expert Evergreen 12-month Plant Guarantee.

Bare Root Plants Explained

Planting hedging in and around your garden is a simple task. Just like any other hedging; spend time preparing the ground, give adequate space for each root, avoid creating air pockets and add sufficient water throughout the process and in the weeks after the initial planting.

Many gardeners use Rootgrow along with a second plant feed (such as Seaweed Bio-stimulant, Bone Meal or After Plant) to help grow the hedges. This should ensure that they have the best possible chance to flourish.

For more information on bare root hedging along with our other root types, read our full Root Types Explained Guide.

Bare Root Hedging

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