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Bare Root Hedging Plants

Bare Root Hedging Plants

Notice to Customers: You can now pre-order bare roots and guarantee delivery in November at the start of the bare root season. Pre-order now and you will get the freshest stock just lifted from the fields and priority delivery!

Bare root hedging is literally a stem of varying height with a good root system underneath. Field grown and lifted in the winter months when the plants are dormant, bare root hedging which is often deciduous and therefore without foliage at this time, can look a little uninspiring however this type of hedging offers a real value for money option for hedge planting and will thrive when the spring comes. Available in many different species and of varying size and age, bare roots are a versatile, cost effectifve alternative to the more established pot grown or root balled hedging plants. (Please be aware that due to the roots being exposed on these hedging plants, there is a potential failure rate of approximately 10% on planting).

For more information on bare root hedging along with our other root types, read our full Root Types Explained Guide.
Our Mixed Native Bare Root Hedging Packs are some of the most popular packs that we sell. Ideal for fields, paddocks and gardens, the packs contain UK Native hedging species that offer great diversity of foliage, colour and wildlife attributes for year round appeal, all with an economical price tag.

Bare Root Hedging

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