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Pleached Espalier Trees

Pleached Espalier Trees
Espalier pleached trees are a decorative and space-saving option for your garden. They have been especially trained to grow fruit, such as apple and pears, as well as flowers, in a unique way.

Pleached espalier trees are perfect for areas with limited space, as they can be grown against walls or fences. Blooming with flowers and fruit, not only are the trees beautiful to look at, but they can also shield your outdoor area for added privacy.

Espalier trees are also grown slightly differently to traditional pleached trees, as their branches are trained in lines along the cane structure to give them plenty of room to flourish. Due to the gorgeous flowers and fragrant fruits these trees develop, espalier trees will add elegance and beauty to your garden. Our pleached espalier trees are available as mature pleached trees - trees that will arrive fully grown and ready-trained - or as fresh pleached trees, which are young trees that will develop over time.

For more information about pleached espalier trees, get in touch with Hedges Directs expert team today on 01257 263 873or email us at [email protected]. We have also put together a Pleached Trees Information Guide to give you more guidance.

Customer Notice: Please note that our espalier pleached trees are now out of stock until autumn.

Crab Apple Mature Pleached Espalier Tree 200cm Clear Stem, 16-18cm Girth, 200 Wide x 160 High, Root Ball

Crab Apple Mature Pleached Espalier Tree 200cm Clear Stem, 16-18cm Girth, 200 Wide x 160 High, Root Ball

Malus 'Evereste'

Price: 1,049.99Our mature Crab Apple pleached espalier trees offer extended seasonal interest from a plethora of large white scented flowers in the spring to a host of dark golden fruit in the autumn. Important: Delivery is via our dedicated lorry we will contact you to arrange delivery. Lifting equipment will be required to unload due to weight and size. Delivery charge applies on orders of 4 x trees or less. Call the team for more info. (Min order qty of 3 on this product) View Full Description
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