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Goat Willow Hedge Salix caprea

Willow - Goat
Goat Willow (Salix caprea) Catkins Close Up Branch EndGoat Willow (Salix caprea) Catkins FoliageGoat Willow (Salix caprea) Catkins Silver CatkinsGoat Willow (Salix caprea) Catkins Branch

Goat Willow Hedge Salix caprea

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Goat Willow is native and deciduous. It begins its awakening from winter with silvery catkins in March and April.Click here for more information.More Information
  • 12 Month Plant Guarantee
  • Average Growth Rate
  • Yellow Flowers
  • Deciduous
  • Has Berries
  • Native

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Goat Willow 20/60cm Cell grown
5 to 7per metre
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Product Details
Product Details

Goat Willow Hedge Plants Description

Goat Willow (Salix caprea) is one of our UK native hedging species. Whereas Weeping Willow (Salix babylonica) has narrow pointed leaves, Goat Willow (Salix caprea) has rounded obvate leaves. They are distinctive in their colouring with a soft muted green colour on the upper with fine, silky, pale hairs to the undersides.

Just prior to the appearance of the leaves in the spring, Goat Willow develops catkins in abundance. The female catkins are silvery coloured, however the more noticeable male catkins are golden and extremely hairy but look attractive against the contrasting dark grey/brown bark. The male catkins are also full of nectar so good for early bees - and this species supports a total of 266 insect species and is particularly good for caterpillars and goat moths, from which Goat Willow gets it's name.

Willows, along with Alder (Alnus glutinosa) are one of the few hedge species that tolerates and in fact grows most happily in moist or wet ground conditions, although Goat Willow is one of the few willows which can grow in dry as well as chalky soil. However, it is still ideal for waterlogged or poor draining gardens and it will even grow in poor soil conditions. It is worth noting however, that Willow's thirsty roots take up water from a large area, so it is best to avoid planting in close proximity to buildings. Willow also prefers sunny not shaded conditions in order to thrive and is salt tolerant so an ideal hedge species for coastal locations.

Further Information
Further Information

You’ll see our recommended planting densities for each size and root type listed in the product grid. We suggest that you use these as a guide, taking into consideration how long you’re willing to wait to see your finished hedge. As a rough indication bare roots can be planted at anything from 3 to 7 per metre and cell grown between 4 and 6 - the higher densities here would need to be planted in a double staggered row or zig-zag.

For more information on planting distances please see our planting density advice section.

Pruning Advice
Pruning Advice

White Willow (Salix alba) is best pruned during its dormant season in late winter or early spring. Pruning later in the year, may result in the subsequent new growth being damaged by the following winter weather.

Willow requires little maintenance in terms of pruning to shape as it develops a good framework naturally. If required, cut out any dead, diseased or damaged branches to retain the overall health of the plant. Cut back to old wood if you wish to reduce the size of the hedge and encourage healthy new growth.

Delivery & Returns
Delivery & Returns

Free delivery is available on most orders (except Premium Products) providing they meet the minimum spend criteria for the size of box or pallet. Pallet deliveries and large box deliveries for tall plants are indicated by icons on the product table listings. Delivery costs and minimum order details for each packaging type are as follows:

Packaging TypeStandard Delivery ChargeMinimum Order Values (incl VAT) for FREE Delivery
Standard Boxes (Bare roots up to 1.2m tall and pots up to and incl. 7.5L)7.99 delivery charge (orders up to 100 incl VAT) Orders of 100 and over - FREE
Tall Boxes (Bare roots 1.2m and over)14.99 delivery charge (orders up to 100 incl VAT) Orders of 100 and over - FREE
Pallets (Root balls, large pots (10L+), trees etc)60.00 delivery charge (orders up to 350 incl VAT)Orders of 350 and over - FREE
Pleached Trees (Specialist Delivery)450.00 delivery charge (orders up to 1500 incl VAT)Orders of 1500 and over - FREE

There are some exceptions to the standard delivery pricing structure, which relate to deliveries to more remote areas, overseas, or extremely tall or large plants requiring specialist delivery - for more information see the Delivery Information Page. (Please note that due to new Brexit rules, we are currently unable to export to both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.).

Delivery Time - Please note that delivery times are currently 3-7 days excluding bank holidays. *Some troughs and trees may take up to 14 days delivery. We are working through existing orders as quickly as possible to deliver new orders within this timescale.

It's Convenient - no need to wait in all day to sign, we don't need a signature (the odd, larger order may require a signature but will be delivered at a mutually agreeable time).

It's Tried & Tested - we use only couriers who have shown consistency in their efficiency & care.

* Please note that delivery costs are based on the final order amount in your cart after any discounts have been applied.

Hedges Direct 12 Month Plant Guarantee

Our plants are guaranteed for 12 months after delivery subject to specific criteria. Visit our Hedges Direct Plant Guarantee Page for full details.

Nominated Day Delivery

Choose a delivery day that suits you with our new Nominated Day Delivery option at checkout. Whilst our standard no signature delivery means you don't need to take time away from other committments to receive your order, we understand that there are times our customers want to make sure they are present to accept delivery, either to plant straight away or to store somewhere safe and out of the way until you're ready to plant.

For an additional fee, you can make sure that your order arrives on the exact day you want it. Please note that this is additional charge to all qualifying orders, including those above the free delivery threshold for Standard Delivery.

Our Nominated Day Delivery is available year-round on the weekdays Tuesdays to Fridays, excluding the day after any bank holiday.

Some products are sent direct from our suppliers and as such are not available for Nominated Day Delivery. These include:

- Cell Grown Hedging Plants
- Instant Trough Grown Hedging Plants
- Instant Hedging Screens
- Premium Root Balls (250cm and above in height)
- Turf

To book your Nominated Day Delivery for farther ahead than the 3 week window available online, please contact our Sales & Advice team to discuss your options.

Don't forget we have a 12 month plant guarantee on all of our plants. Find out more on our Plant Guarantee Page.

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