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Native Hedging Guide

Native Hedging Guide


All you need to know about Native Hedging

As well as being suited to both the weather conditions and the planting environment in the UK, indigenous hedges are also a huge benefit to the local eco systems. They act as the perfect shelter for local wildlife, from creatures such as hedgehogs making nests, to birds eating their berries and bees enjoying their summer flowers.

Mixed Native Hedging Packs

We sell 4 varieties of mixed native packs, two economy mixes, and a coastal and garden mix.

The economy mixes comprise of a Hawthorn base boasting a range of exciting features including haws, hips, nuts, flowers and sloes. The hawthorn base provides 50% of the hedge, meaning white flowers and red haws in the spring that accentuate the species-rich, native hedgerow. The berries and nuts will attract a diverse range of wildlife as well as offering seasonal interest. The rest of the hedge is made up from other native species including Dog Rose, Field Maple, Hazel, Bird Cherry and Blackthorn. The other variety we stock uses 50% Blackthorn meaning that the base hedge produces sloes and white flowers in the spring as well as the benefits of the other species in the mix which again includes; Dog Rose, Field Maple, Hazel, Bird Cherry and Hawthorn.

Mixed Native Hedging Plants

Mixed native hedging is what you are likely to see when you drive through countryside or walk amongst farmers fields; hedges made up of a variety of native species that mix together to make attractive hedging with an exciting combination of textures and colours with flowers and berries. You can achieve a mixed native hedge simply by planting one of our ready made packs.

Intruder Proof Native Hedging

There are a number of native species that offer excellent protection for your garden or land. Intruder proof hedging such as Blackthorn, Gorse, Hawthorn, Holly and Sea Buckthorn contain prickly thorns (as the names suggest) that act as a low maintenance and low cost barrier or deterrent, keeping away unwanted visitors.

Native Hedges For Planting In Shade

Even though Native species are perfect for the British climate, some will still thrive better in particular conditions than others. Taking the time to correctly choose the right hedge for the right area will see you reap the benefits. An example of this is hedging within shade. Some native hedge species such as Box and Yew are perfectly happy to be planted and grow in shaded areas.

Native Hedges For Coastal Areas

Another way in which some hedges excel in specific conditions are hedges within coastal areas. There are native species which are perfect for planting in the windy, salty air of the British coasts.

Our Native Coastal Hedging Packs are a collection of carefully handpicked plants, chosen for their suitability to coastal conditions. These hedges will cope very well in areas of high winds and are very tolerant of sea air, offering a perfect hedge for the seaside. Functional and attractive we make sure to include a mixture of colours, textures to be aesthetically pleasing as well as wildlife friendly. Bare root bundles contain a mixed base of 50% Hawthorn and Blackthorn and 10% of each of the following; Dog Rose, Elder, Field Maple, Sea Buckthorn and Wild Privet.

What's the difference between Native and Naturalised plants?

Put quite simply a naturalised plant is one that is 'non-native'. This means that a plant has been introduced to an area where it has not previously been found before externally by humans, whether intentional or accidental. What is special about naturalised plants is that they have the ability to adapt to a foreign environment and will continue to survive and to spread without further intervention from humans.

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