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Intruder Proof Hedging Guide

Intruder Proof Hedging Guide


Benefits of a Thorny Hedge

The benefit of planting an intruder proof hedge is that they create a living, breathing barrier that will continue to grow and strengthen as it is maintained. The majority of our thorn bushes for security are relatively low maintenance. When your prickly hedge only requires pruning once or twice a year, they are far easier (and cheaper) to maintain compared to having to buy new fence panels every other year!

Every year we see damaged fence panels or walls suffering from wear and tear, caused by strong winds and extreme Winter weather. Hedges do not suffer the same fate as their man made counterparts as strong winds are able to travel through the hedge without causing damage. In fact, prickly hedging acts as a natural wind break as the hedging it slows the wind down and reduces its impact.

Intruder proof hedges don't just battle the elements, they protect from unwanted visitors. Prickly leaves and thorny branches will thwart thieves and thick, dense foliage keeps vandals at bay. Just the sight of a viciously spiky plant will stop intruders in their tracks. The last thing they want is to rip their clothing or leave behind incriminating evidence by cutting themselves on a branch.

Thorn bushes for security can still make an attractive feature. Many of our most colourful hedging shrubs happen to be the most prickly! For example, our range of Berberis includes some of the most popular spiky plants for security whilst providing colourful, rich shades of red and purple foliage and particularly prickly branches!

Another popular intruder proof hedge is Pyracantha , in a choice of three berry colours and boasting dense white flowers, Pyracantha is well suited to training and works well along trellises for a decorative, yet functional, intruder proof hedge. If you're struggling to choose between the many different shrubs with thorns, don't fret! We have handpicked (wearing gloves of course!) a selection of thoroughly thorny bushes to create our own mix of prickly, evergreen plants. Our ready-made, mixed native hedging packs combines complementary species of spiky plants for security - perfect for deterring pests (human and otherwise)!

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