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Hedging Plants for Shade Guide

Hedging Plants for Shade Guide


All you need to know about Hedging Plants for Shade

If you are planting your hedging near a wall, we recommend leaving at least 30cm of space. Planting near a wall can create two types of shaded planting conditions: a north facing position will create a cold and damp site whereas a south facing position will be dry and shaded. If you have a larger garden with tall trees, this will also cast shade over your planting site. Dappled shade from overhanging trees makes for an attractive aesthetic but it's important to use rootgrow in these conditions as trees take up a lot of the soil's moisture creating a dry, shaded site. Make sure to generously water new hedging regularly (especially when planted in shade) during its first few growing seasons.

Studies have in fact shown that over time certain plants have adapted to living in shade. Aware that they need to focus their strength on survival, plants apply an energy-efficient growth system, focussing on their stems making sure they reach towards the sunlight. Less energy is used on the growth of their roots or leaves but the leaves will grow upwards with the stem. To ensure the root system remains strong, we would advise planting with rootgrow which increases the intake of moisture and is proven to strengthen a plant's root structure. Our traditionally tough hedging plants will thoroughly thrive in shade. Many of our classic evergreen hedging and fast growing conifer hedging make the ideal shade loving plants.

It's good to bear in mind that although many species of flowering hedges will grow in shade, they will not flower as profusely. This is because the more sun a flowering plant receives, the more flowers it will produce, also resulting in more berries.

All of the hedging species you find in this section are suited to growing in shade. The range includes climbing plants for shade, such as Pyracantha; evergreen plants for shade, including classic Box and variegated Spotted Laurel as well as many other types of useful shade loving plants for hedging.

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