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Fragrant Hedging Plants Guide

Fragrant Hedging Plants Guide


Transform your garden into a fragrant oasis with our fantastic selection of aromatic hedging plants, as the memorizing smells bring an uplifting and unique atmosphere to your garden. The fragrant hedge plants we supply make wonderful single species features for you to enjoy your favourite scent, or place a variety of plants within particular parts of your garden which will allow you to experience an aromatic journey as you pass through each scented area. However, don't limit the heavenly smells to your garden! By positioning sweet-smelling hedges underneath windows, by doorways, or even growing scented shrubs for containers indoors, you can fill your home with fragrance and enjoy the fragrance both inside and out.

Choose from a quality range of hedging plants that produce both scented flowers and foliage. Most flowers are fragrant but only a handful of flowers possess the ability to perfume a green space with the strength of its scent, and we've got them. There has been an increasing interest in perennials within garden designs, however these flowers lack the capability to fill a garden with indulging smells. The flowers produced by our hedging plants range in colour, size, shape and smell, able to load your garden with incredible scents, with assistance of only the slightest breeze.


Fragrance is the essence of the seasons and what better way to say goodbye to winter than to relish in the coconut scents, released by the small, light yellow flowers of Gorse. These flowers appear in early Spring (almost Winter) so will be first to give you the welcoming smell of the season. A popular spring scented hedging plant is the fantasticMexican Orange Blossom, with its white, star shaped flowers emitting a marked citrus smell, it's brilliant for establishing a wholesome ambiance. If those smells don't take your fancy, then consider the soft almond scents of both Bird Cherry and Cherry Laurel, or the matchless smell of the pure white flowers produced by Osmanthus burkwoodii that have been said to share a scent resembling pineapple. Come late Spring, the sweet smell and large scale of Dog Rose flowers coincide as the pink petals correspond with the pleasurable scent; a great way to bring impact with both sight and smell.


Mock Orange takes centre stage when discussing summer fragrant flowering hedge plants. Famous for its smell, its name doesn't represent the colour of the flowers or plant itself, but the distinctive, fruity smell which the flowers produce. Its strong, citrus smell can be transported with the softest of winds and floods a garden with an incredible, easily noticeable scent. The divine smells produced by the flowers of both Rosa Rugosa Pink, Whiteand Viburnum opulus occur in summer and their long flowering periods will enable you to enjoy their sweet smells for a fantastic amount of time.


Summer has come to an end and winter approaches, but that doesn't mean you can't access scented flowering hedge plants. Oleaster 'Limelight',Oleaster 'Gilt Edge' and Oleaster have unusual flowering periods as they appear in autumn. It's certainly a plant you can smell before you see as its pungent sweet, fruity smell engulfs a garden and allows you to enjoy the aroma before Winter.

Hedges with Fragrant Foliage

Foliage shouldn't be ignored when choosing scented hedging plants for your garden. We supply a range of species that contain volatile compounds in their leaves known as essential oils that deliver intoxicating scents which can be exaggerated when crushed together.

The glossy leaves of Bay Laurel hold various scents as some describe the smell to be similar to menthol, eucalyptus, lemon and mint, just name a few. But its strong scent can be noticed wherever your stand in your garden as it can be picked up from a distance. The flower spikes of Lavender produce a pleasingly sweet scent which is a great way to help you relax in your fragrant garden in a calming atmosphere. It has been known to eliminate stress as the aroma is infused into numerous oils for health benefits and relaxation techniques. Rosemary is an aromatic plant that smells similar to pine. Ironic as its appearance of short needles and wood like stems resemble those of a pine tree and its scent creates a woodland feel within your garden.

Indulge in our great range of fragrant conifer hedging plants, ideal for deluging your garden with blissful citrus scents. Monterey cypress 'Goldcrest', Leylandii - Green and Western Red Cedar take the top spot with their luscious foliage that when crushed, produces an even stronger smell.

Our fragrant hedge plants hold a number of practical benefits. Species such as Cherry Laurel, Mexican Orange Blossom and Gorse make the perfect privacy screen capable of reducing noise and wind. In addition, species such as Berberis stenophylla, Dog Rose, Rosa rugosa, Pink White and Hawthorn have spiky dense cover and therefore make the ideal intruder deterrent.

The height of a scented hedging plant should also be considered when designing your fragrant garden. Tall fragrant hedges can be situated at parts of the garden where you will be walking past for their delightful scents to be noticed at nose level. On the other hand, species such as Lavender Hedging Guide, Bay Laurel and Rosemary are perfect for low growing, fragrant borders that are used to highlight paths, garden features and larger hedges but are also useful to have positioned in the garden where ground maintenance is needed so you can enjoy their heavenly smells as your brush past them.

It's not just us garden enthusiasts who adore the aroma of these plants as fragrant shrubs will entice an array of butterflies and bees who are attracted to the perfumed smells. The fragrant hedging plants we supply also make safe and protected shelters for an array of garden wildlife as they hold a variety of characteristic which create the perfect habitat for many birds and small animals.

A garden design that stimulates all the senses is one not to be forgotten. Every gardener will have that one garden sat in their memory for the incredible atmosphere it created with the amazing sights, textures, tastes and mostly smells. So experiment with the various scents that come with our hedging plants and create your ideal sensory, awe inspiring garden!

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