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Low Growing Hedging Guide

Low Growing Hedging Guide


At Hedges Direct we supply the best range of low growing hedges, perfect for achieving your gardening ambitions. Aiming to bring a splash of vibrant colour to your garden? Consider the fiery red foliage of the compact Photinia 'Little Red Robin'. For those wanting to create a shaped low growing hedge, contemplate Box, Lonicera pileata and Ilex crenata all of which take well to shaping.

Colourful low growing hedges

Creating an atmosphere in the garden is a doddle with these bright and often fragrant hedge plants. The bright purple flowers of Lavender and the light, green foliage of Rosemary, not only look fantastic when displayed as a low hedge, but emit pleasant aromas that linger in the air as you walk by. Our range of Lavender are favoured amongst pollinating bees and wonderful butterflies as they adore the gorgeous flowers that sit on long green stems.

Garden designers want their borders to bring impact to their creation and the use of unique foliage and flowers are the best way to do so. The variegated foliage of Hebe 'Red Edge', as you can guess from the name, boasts leaves with dark shades of green, surrounded by a soft red outline. Its contrasting colours are a great way to create a focal point within a garden design.

Choose low flowering hedges for attractive colours capable of grabbing and drawing direct attention. Brachyglottis Senecio 'Sunshine' features dazzling, bright yellow flowers which illuminate from a background of dark, green foliage. Tolerant of all kinds of growing sites, Senecio Sunshine is ideal for gardeners who want to plant an attractive garden border, where growing conditions are problematic.

We stock a selection of slow growing hedging boasting colour, shape, flower, fragrance and more, to ensure that we provide the perfect hedging plants for you whether you're planting a low hedge or bordering a kitchen garden.

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