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Instantly Impressive Topiary

Instantly Impressive Topiary

Our Instantly Impressive Topiary collection features large, mature topiary plants and trees that have been expertly grown and clipped over many years to produce stunning topiary specimens. Not for the average garden, these extra-special topiary plants have instant impact and when planted in the right setting create a distinctive style statement.

Long driveways and grand entrances can be dressed to impress with topiary plants in rows or pairs. In gardens, formal or otherwise, large topiary plants can be a striking centrepiece and focal point or part of a larger design oozing with sophistication and style.

Our specialist topiary selection features several different shapes and species for visual and seasonal interest. From large Hornbeam topiary balls to striking English Yew pyramids, there are topiary plants to impress. We also have a wide range of standard sized topiary plants and trees for use in any size garden or planting scheme. However, if you are looking for large topiary alternatives to those listed here, please call the sales team on 01257 263 873.

Topiary Balls

Topiary Domes

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Topiary Cones and Pyramids

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