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Top Soil

Top Soil

Top soil is suitable to all kinds of plants including hedge and tree planting, as well as laying down turf. Top soil is also beneficial for levelling your surface and ensuring your young plants receive enough nutrients from this vital layer of soil. If your top soil is of the highest grade, you will not require additional compost or fertiliser for the first growing season.

Most nutrients and growth development are generated from the upper layer of soil, so, it is vital to ensure your plants are well looked after. This is particularly important in the first two growing seasons.

Garden top soil is essential, and here at Hedges Direct we only stock the highest quality, which is why we have selected Westland as our primary top soil brand. This will assure that your plants receive the right amount of nutrients to support their growth and development while maintaining their health.

How much top soil do I need?

To find out how much top soil you need for your planting project, we have created a handy guide to help you calculate the ideal amount. Visit Hedges Direct's Topsoil Calculator Page for a step-by-step guide.

For more information about top soil including how to use to it correctly, how to maintain it and the benefits, get in touch with Hedges Direct today on 01257 263 873 or email us at [email protected].

Topsoil (35L)

Topsoil (35L)

Price: 5.99Its important to give your new hedging, trees or turf the nutrients they require and an easy way to do this is by ensuring your topsoil is of the highest quality. Topsoil is defined as the upper layer of the soil, i.e. the first 2-8 inches. This is where plants get the majority of their nutrients and where they concentrate the majority of their growth in the first couple of growing seasons. Requires pallet delivery, min order 240 (inc VAT) for free delivery. View Full Description
Topsoil Bulk bag (750kg)

Topsoil Bulk bag (750kg)

Price: 169.99Our topsoil is adequately supplied with organic matter and all major plant nutrients appropriate to general landscape purposes. No further additions of compost or fertilizer are required or even recommended for at least the first growing season. Please note that delivery is 2-3 days on this product. View Full Description
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