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Topiary Guide

Topiary Guide


About Topiary

The species that are suitable for topiary are all evergreen, slow growing (to hold their shape for a long time), dense, and for some shapes, they are species which grow with strong, straight stems.

Whilst all topiary is expensive, it's worth bearing in mind that these are all very mature plants (some of our larger Box items or Bay Laurel standards or the Yew topiary pieces are 10 years old), and the maintenance involved in making them into topiary is extensive - maybe 30 separate trims to get it to a good topiary shape plus the usual regular repotting, watering (every day), weeding and feeding that is required with all of our plants. It's true TLC!

Caring for your Topiary

To keep a good shape and tight growth, topiary needs all-round and all-over light so it is incompatible with shade, although potted specimens can be rotated. Clipping should be done when the opportunity, inspiration, enthusiasm and weather all combine to make it possible - in late summer, so that there is the longest period of time (until May or June the following year) to enjoy the tightly clipped shapes. Some enthusiasts clip in early summer too but never clip too early in the year - you must make sure there is no possibility of night frosts. Always use very sharp tools and we recommend that Box plants are watered first before clipping which helps the cut leaves to heal quickly.

All our topiary is hardy and suitable to withstand all that our weather can throw at us but given the expense of each piece, it is our recommendation that you take particular care to protect topiary - just simple precautions like gently brushing snow off, using pointed rather than flat topped shapes where long periods of snow are normal, providing ventilated shelter from severe winds and ensuring that specimens are well watered in summer and sheltered from very strong sunshine which can burn as much as winter winds.

Need Something Unusual or Bigger?

We have shown in this listing our top selling topiary species and shapes but we also have partner growers in Holland and Italy who grow the whole range of unusual shapes and very large sizes. Please just ask and we'll source for you.

We have tried to give as clear an explanation as possible on the dimensions of each piece of topiary listed here but if you have any questions please phone us on 01257 263 873.

A quick word about cones and pyramids because we know this is confusing and websites generally are not clear - a cone has rounded sides (like an upside down ice cream cone) whereas a pyramid has four, triangular shaped sides which are flat with sharp, defined edges.

We do not rent out our topiary - all plants are straight from our growers and we keep only a small amount of stock at the nursery, ready to go to its forever home.

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