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Hedging with Berries Guide

Hedging with Berries Guide


Berries come in all kinds of colours and sizes and appear on hedges across thousands of gardens throughout the UK, and for a number of reasons. Their main benefit is their added wildlife value as they entice many hungry British birds and small animals into the garden. The luscious berries are favoured amongst countless birds and critters who seek out these often vital food sources.

Get closer with nature as you become familiar with the different species of birds drawn to your garden. Thrushes & Waxwings enjoy the glossy, red berries of Hawthorn hedges, and Green Finches adore the bright orange hips of Dog Rose, to name but a few. Including a diverse selection of hedges with berries in your garden, will increase its biodiversity as each hedge exhibits an array of features that attract different groups of wildlife. You will be overwhelmed by the number of birds, insects and small animals that you may see.

Using hedges with berries within a garden design allows you to get imaginative with all sorts of colours. Pyracantha produces bright, hot colours of red, orange and yellow that look incredible on a single species hedge, but when planted together, create an incredible, fiery multi-coloured effect. Whilst Viburnum tinus berries turn to jet-black, Blackthorn produces blue sloes and Skimmia 'Rubella' orange berries within pink casings.

Certain species produce berries that complement other hedge features, such as as the stunning orange berries of Berberis thunbergii that flatter the soft shades of red, exhibited by its autumn foliage. The emphasis of colours within a hedge, whether it be a collection of different coloured berries, or a distinguishing berry and foliage combination, creates an amazing, eye-catching garden feature.

Evergreen hedges with berries

Many of the hedges with berries which we provide are deciduous so will not hold onto their foliage once the winter weather arrives, meaning many display their bright berries against bare branches. However, these evergreen species also provide year round foliage cover, a foil of green punctuated by glossy berries!

Hedges with edible berries

There has been an increase in gardeners wanting to grow their own ingredients that can be used in various recipes and a large number of these recipes include hedgerow ingredients. The delightful orange berries of Sea Buckthorn can be used in pies and tarts whilst Blackthorn, Rowan or Mountain Ash and Elder produce berries and sloes that are included in several mouth-watering jams, jellies and juices. Do be sure to check carefully the suitability of your hedging berries for culinary use as, unsurprisingly, some can be poisonous. So whether you want to see an amazing display of colours, a varied selection of wildlife or have your own hedgerow recipe ingredients right outside your door. We are certain that we can supply the perfect hedge with berries for you!

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