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Fast Growing Hedging Guide

Fast Growing Hedging Guide


Due to their swift development, there is the common concern about fast growing hedge maintenance. However, these speedy species only need pruning once or twice per year, so choosing a quick growing shrub will save you time, money and effort. Speed and height are the primary gardening goals associated with this section. The majority of fast growing plants are suited to heights up to 5m and are frequently used as an effective, privacy screen with wind breaking and noise reducing capabilities. Some of the most popular shrubs for privacy include our collection of conifer and evergreen hedge plants, both of which are wonderful options for providing instant screening and year round cover. For the ultimate screen, consider our professionally maintained, instant hedging. Keep those nosey neighbours at bay by including these ready-made features in your plot and waste no time at all waiting for them to establish. We have an array of instant species available in heights as small as 30cm, up to 2m tall, so if it's a low border or a large barrier you're looking for, our instant hedging will satisfy heaps of gardening needs.

Fast growing hedge plants with fruit

When discussing fast growing hedge plants, Bamboo< wins the race. The Usain Bolt of the plant world, they will achieve 60cm+ per year and are obtainable in black, green and gold colours. Their long canes, attractive foliage and quick growth are great ways to bring instant impact into a tropical garden. Species such as Cherry Laurel, Portuguese Laurel, Western Red Cedar, Privet and Lonicera nitida will offer luscious, green foliage 365 days of the year. For colourful, fast growing hedge alternatives, consider the brightly coloured bark of Dogwood, the purple shades of Berberis ottawensis, the sun-kissed tints of Golden Privet or the variegated foliage of Oleaster 'Limelight', Speed and height shouldn't be the only reason for choosing plants in this section. We offer fast growing species with additional attributes which contribute to the value of its presence in your garden. From flowers, foliage and fruits, these seasonal features create striking displays, for hedges full of additional interest. Include a fast growing hedge with juicy fruits in your garden and come autumn, enjoy the colourful and glossy berries which these plants have to offer.

Fast growing hedge plants with flowers

Become a wildlife friendly garden with fast growing hedges with fruits as these luscious treats are favoured amongst a range of British birds. These plants attracts a variety of British wildlife as the dense, thick foliage provides the perfect habitat, especially in winter. Don't let the birds eat all your bounty as you can also forage with fast growing hedges with fruits. Species such as Elder, Crab Apple, Wild Cherry, Blackthorn, Hawthorn all produce juicy fruits suitable for human consumption. Create a sensory garden with fast growing hedge plants with flowers. The species below produce beautiful flowers that emit succulent scents, eye-catching colours and unique shapes and play an important part with pollinating insects as beautiful butterflies and buzzing bees are found frolicking around their foliage.

Fast growing hedge plants - growing conditions

Don't let hindering planting conditions stump your gardening ambitions. Our fast growing plants are a hardy bunch and will develop in inland and coastal locations, difficult soils, and shaded areas. Fast growing hedges for exposed sites and will tolerate strong winds and salt laden air, perfect for seaside gardens.

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