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Bargain Bundles

Bargain Bundles

Customer Notice: Please note that Bargain Bundles have now sold out for this season. These special mixed bare root packs will be available again at some point in the autumn season!

Bargain Bundles are offered periodically as a special offer pack. When on offer, the packs available will be listed on this page. Each pack supplied will include a mixture of the following:
Hawthorn and Blackthorn as a base and any combination of Field Maple, Alder, Juneberry, Hornbeam, Dogwood, Hazel, Spindle, Privet, Wild Privet, Crab Apple, Wild Cherry, Bird Cherry, Dog Rose, Rosa Rugosa White, Rosa Rugosa Pink, Rowan, VIburnum Lantana & VIburnum Opulus.

Bargain Bundles provide you with an opportunity to pick up a bundle of bare roots for a seriously discounted cost. With up to 50% off normal pricing, this is the most cost effective way to buy bare root hedging plants for your garden. Bundles are available in two height ranges - between 40 and 90cm and then a larger option between 90 and 150cm and there are 3 pack quantities available in each height range - 100, 250 and 500 packs.

We cannot guarantee the combination of plants you will receive but all of our bare root hedging is of excellent quality and our Bargain Bundles make fantastic mixed hedging.

If Bargain Bundles aren't what you're looking for, please see our selection of Bare Root Hedging, Root Ball Hedging, Pot Grown Hedge Plants and Instant Hedging available along with other wonderful garden products such as Topiary, Trees, Garden Tools and many more.

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