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Bargain Bundles

Bargain Bundles

Customer Notice: Bargain Bundles won't now be available until Autumn when our bare root stock is once again in season.

Bargain Bundles provide you with an opportunity to pick up a bundle of bare roots for a seriously discounted cost. With up to 50% off normal pricing, this is the most cost effective way to buy bare root hedging plants for your garden. Bundles are available in two height ranges - between 40 and 90cm and then a larger option between 90 and 150cm and there are 3 pack quantities available in each height range - 100, 250 and 500 packs.

The bundles are made up of a selection of species, a list of which will be available in the Autumn once bare roots are in season again.

Until Autumn we have a fantastic selection of Pot Grown Hedge Plants and Instant Hedging available along with other wonderful garden products such as Topiary, Trees, Garden Tools and many more.

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