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Evergreen Hedging Guide

Evergreen Hedging Guide


Everything You Need To Know About Evergreen Hedging

The year-round verdant and colourful foliage of evergreen trees and shrubs makes them exceptionally popular and are therefore seen gracing many of the gardens across the UK. There are a host of benefits to having an evergeen hedge:
  • Dense ever-present foliage
  • Attractive appearance all year round including winter cover
  • Thick foliage provides an effective privacy screen
  • Foliage filters and reduces the effects of wind and noise into your garden
  • Varied characteristics such as extra colour from flowering / berrying varieties
  • Intruder-proof varieties to provide excellent security
  • Help to soak up water in areas of poor drainage
  • Act as pollutant absorbers and air purifiers, particularly effective in urban and sub-urban areas where traffic emissions are highest

The significance of evergreen hedges doesn't stop there. The wide variety of hedge plants in this category boast a number of merits, adding to the year round interest they already provide. For numerous species, the nature of these plants creates a safe and sheltered habitat for garden wildlife. Opting for evergreen hedging will allow you to see an array of critters visiting your garden, before scurrying back to take refuge within the hedges thick frame. The wildlife interest continues as birds gather to enjoy the colourful, delicious berries that a number of evergreen hedging plants produce.

Best-Selling Evergeen Hedging Plants

Some of our best-selling hedge plants overall are from our evergreen hedging range due to their classic look, timeless appeal and year-round interest. Below are our top six best-sellers from our evergreen range. In this selection there's something for everyone from the modern classic of Cherry Laurel to the quintessentially British classic hedging plants of English Yew and Box that form the basis of many a formal garden as well as informal gardens. Their popularity is enduring and their top ten status rarely changes!

Fast Growing Evergreen Hedging Plants

Fast growing evergreen hedging is one of our most prevalent requests, and as always we're happy to oblige! Below are our most recommended evergreen hedging species for quick results. We have tall and small varieties, as it's worth remembering that fast growth doesn't necessarily mean upwards and each have their own defining characteristics. However, a word to the wise - the species with the potential to reach for the stars if left unchecked need careful consideration, however if treated and maintained properly can reward you with an attractive and impressive hedge in next to no time!

Colourful Evergreen Hedging Plants

Don't be misled by the name 'evergreen' as it can be deceiving to some, this is because not every species has green foliage. There is no identifiable colour for this category of plants as the leaves range from an array of greens to reds and yellows, making these hedges ideal for those wanting a garden feature that brings colourful interest throughout the year. Great examples of colourful evergreens are:

Flowering Evergreen Hedging Plants

Flowers are another wonderful feature of many evergreen species. Flowering evergreen hedging plants will bring a touch of colour and many of them a delightful fragrance to your green space ensuring seasonal interest all year round. See also our full range of flowering hedge plants.

Intruder-Proof Evergreen Hedging Plants

Intruder-proof hedging is highly requested being a greener and more attractive alternative to fencing or walls. Some of our evergreen hedges are the perfect choice for gardens or businesses where security and / or privacy is a requirement due to their prickly habits and long thorns. But where they keep intruders out, they also provide a protected and secure habitat for small birds and mammals, many of whom make these inpregnable hedgerows their home. See also our full range of Intruder Proof Hedging.

Shade Tolerant Evergreen Hedging Plants

Often, the primary desire for an evergreen hedge is to give year round interest, but evergreen hedging for shade is also a popular request. When asked for a hedge for shade which offers year round appeal we often turn to the Laurels, which are very tolerant of shady conditions and highly attractive with their glossy green leaves in various shapes and hues. However, in general it tends to be the more leafy rather than flowering varieties that will grow in shade and therefore you'll find that most of our all round hedging best-sellers are also in this list. See also our full range of Hedging Plants for Shade page.

Evergreen Hedging Plants Suitable for Clay Soils

Another regular request is for evergreen hedging for wet or clay soils. Again Cherry Laurel is a viable option where plenty of well-rotted organic matter is dug in to improve drainage. Western Red Cedar is another species which will fare well in a clay soil and Hornbeam should be considered, because although not evergreen it is often considered semi-evergreen due to its crisp brown foliage which stays put throughout the colder months, giving cover and screening. Below is our selection of evergreen hedges that are good in clay soils, however it is important to ensure adequate drainage as very few plants can tolerate waterlogged ground. Similarly, it is also important to provide enough water in summer to avoid the clay soil becoming too hard and prevening water penetrating the ground.

Alternative Evergreen Garden Solutions

There are plenty of evergreen hedges with numerous attractive qualities and characteristics to choose from, however if you are looking for some complementary evergeen planting or alternatives to an actual hedge, we have numerous shrubs, grasses and also green 'screens' available such as Ivy Screens and other hedging screens. These space-saving and secure hedging options are fantastic for narrow areas or limited outdoor space but aslo for covering unsightly walls or fences. Trough grown and trained over a galvanised steel framework, our range of green screens are both cost effective and versatile in their look and application.

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