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Our turf partner, INTURF was established by Derek Edwards in 1985. In 2003 Derek handed the reins over to his two sons, Alex and Stephen who now manage the 800 acres of turf production. The turf farms are located in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire in soil that is sandy, fertile, well drained and stone free. This means that the billions of grass plants that make up the turf are able to grow enormously healthy root systems which go deep into the free draining soil as they reach for water. The better established the plants are during cultivation, the quicker they will establish and thrive when the turf is laid on site.

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Being situated so close to major road networks means that any quantity of turf can be lifted from either turf farm and delivered within hours to anywhere in the UK.

INTURF use grass seed selected and blended exclusively from the top few seed houses in Britain, to the highest standards of purity and germination and chosen from the top cultivars listed in the Sports Turf Research Institute Turfgrass Seed booklet. Their state of the art drilling and harvesting equipment ensures quality and efficiency at every stage.

Supplying turf grades for private gardens, public open spaces, and every kind of sports application from championship golf courses to neighbourhood bowling greens, INTURF are a household name to many in the horticultural industry.

INTURF work to a strict environmental policy, ensuring that your new lawn has only a positive impact on the environment.

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