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Extra Tall Root Balls Guide

Extra Tall Root Balls Guide


Extra Tall Root Balls Additional Information

Mature Hedging Plants - Root Balls

As market leaders in hedging, we have access to very tall mature hedging plants which are surprisingly good value for money considering their age and the length of time they have been cared for by the specialist nurseries we work with.

If you’re looking for less gigantic specimens then head over to our Root Ball Hedging Page which shows smaller (but still up to 8 foot!) plants.

Available only between late October and late April (some varieties until late May). These mature hedging plants are all grown in Holland where there are a handful of very specialised nurseries growing super-sized stock for many years (up to 20 years in some cases) before they are ready to be sold.

We consider it a privilege to offer this range to the UK market and as each year passes, we sell more and more of this superb quality hedging both to homeowners for their own gardens and increasingly also to landscapers and garden designers undertaking prestigious projects.

Delivery of mature root ball hedging

The challenge with these huge plants is how we get them to you but we are very experienced in managing this. They are too tall to be delivered by the national network of pallet lorries so each delivery has to be individually planned taking into account the delivery postcode, the number of plants and the height of the plants.

There are two delivery methods:
1) If we can deliver on an articulated lorry, we can divert the lorry from the port in the UK and send it straight to you so that we/you do not incur the cost of the Dutch nursery delivering to us and then us delivering on to you. The prices shown on our website assume this delivery scenario and include delivery at no extra cost to you providing the delivery address can accommodate an articulated lorry.

2) If the delivery address cannot cope easily with an articulated lorry (please don’t say it can if it really cannot - that only leads to enormous grief!), then we take delivery by artic into our nursery and then we send a smaller vehicle (which still has to be quite large to cope with these large plants) to you. In these circumstances, we have to charge you some delivery cost unless you are buying a lot of hedging plants in which case we can absorb the delivery cost in the price. The number of plants that you would need to buy to be eligible for free delivery varies by species, height of plant and delivery postcode.

It is also challenging to handle the size and weight of these plants on site. You will definitely need some strong people to help unload and to move them from the kerbside to where you are planning to plant them - our lorry drivers can not do this for you. Depending how many plants you are ordering, and the height, we are happy to advise you on how many helpers you will need. For the very largest plants, it is helpful (but not essential if you have enough helpers) to use machinery to move the stock, especially if it is to be moved more than a few metres.

Ordering mature hedging plants

It’s very rare that customers order these plants online (although it does happen and you can do if you prefer). Usually we find that customers like to discuss their requirements with us so that we are able to explain the size of the plant you are interested in, provide a photograph of the actual stock you would receive, and discuss the delivery options - as well as providing a bespoke quote with a variable discount on larger orders. We can also advise how to plant and care for your mature hedging plants to ensure you are delighted with the outcome.

Please do call us to discuss your requirements. We’re on 01257 263 873 or you can email us at [email protected]

Plants that have been ordered are 'dug up' so that they are fresh and out of the soil for the minimum number of days before being replanted by you; so please allow a minimum of 7 days between placing an order and receiving the delivery. The nurseries we work with lift plants every day in peak autumn and spring seasons and it is a tried and tested process to get them from Holland to the UK, so even if you have not used this sort of mature root ball hedging plant before, please be reassured that thousands of plants are managed in this way each year.

Because root ball lifting involves some inevitable damage to the fine root structure, we strongly recommend that all root balls are re-planted with the RHS endorsed friendly fungi, RootGrow.

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