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Euonymus Hedging Screen 180cm high 120cm wide

Euonymus fortunei 'Dart's Blanket'

Euonymus Hedging Screen (Euonymus fortunei 'Dart's Blanket') 180cm high 120cm wide (Pre-order Oct-21)
Euonymus (Euonymus fortunei 'Dart's BLanket') Hedging Screen 180cm high 120cm wideEuonymus (Euonymus fortunei 'Dart's BLanket') Leaves Close Up

Euonymus Hedging Screen 180cm high 120cm wide

Euonymus fortunei 'Dart's Blanket'

Price: 269.99 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euonymus 'Dart's Blanket' sometimes known as 'Wntercreeper Dart's Blanket' is an evergreen, shrubby plant with slim stems and small, oval shaped deep green leaves. It is noted for its dense coverage and lovely, bronzed leaves that develop through the autumn and winter months. This species will tolerate most soil types if well drained and enjoys full sun to partial shade.Click here for more information.More Information
  • 12 Month Plant Guarantee
  • Average Growth Rate
  • Evergreen
  • Increasingly popular hedging species with seasonal characteristics
  • Easy to install, lightweight narrow frame - ideal for small spaces
  • Instant effect with excellent wall cover
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Attractive perimeter security option
  • Multitude of applications from urban to countryside

Product Details
Product Details

About Euonymus Hedging Screens (Euonymus fortunei 'Dart's Blanket')

Euonymus hedging screens are an innovative garden screening solution that mean you can enjoy the security and privacy of a long lasting fence with the aesthetic and environmental benefits of a hedge.

Our Euonymus 'Dart's Blanket' hedging screen is grown on a galvanised steel frame with several plants used in the 120cm trough to create full coverage of the frame. Euonymus screens are easy to install and make a low maintenance, sustainable living fence or wall.

Different uses for Euonymus Hedging Screens

Euonymus screens are the perfect alternative to fences and bushy hedges. They are an instant, cost-effective perimeter solution with a variety of uses and applications.
  1. Family Gardens: Instant security: Living screens, with their hidden steel framework, look stunning whilst keeping children and pets in and intruders out. Instant privacy - create a separate, secluded area within your garden using screens as partitions or keep your outdoor space private by planting Euonymus screens around your boundary or along a dividing wall.

  2. Space saving: The narrow 20cm depth is particularly useful for small gardens that want to maintain a level of privacy without compromising on space. Unlike a hedge, the narrow screen performs the same role whilst maximising the usable outdoor area.

  3. Businesses and Public areas: Instant security with an attractive aesthetic - with a ten year guarantee on the steel frame, you can secure your perimeter and maintain peace of mind. Additional benefits are the low maintenance with practical long-term use therefore highly cost effective.

  4. Envrionmental Benefits: Hedging screens can help to combat pollution of differing types in the same way as hedges; leaves act as both filters of air toxins and noise, to a degree. They are also partial windbreaks providing areas of shelter beneficial to both people and wildlife.
  5. Prevent anti-social behaviour: Hedging screens can be planted instead of fencing or against walls to prevent graffiti and vandalism.

  6. Urban gardens: Hedging screens are used to great effect in cities to create roof gardens and green areas, or to hide or disguise unsightly areas such as refuse areas.They are ideal for city living due to their narrow depth but varying height along with ease and diversity of installation.

  7. Save on the paperwork! Unlike walls, you do not need planning permission to erect living green panels of up to 2.2m high.

Euonymus hedging screens can be used for a multitude of purposes, including acting as wildlife habitats in addition to all the above. Our sales team are highly experienced in quoting for green screens - for expert advice call 01257 263 873 or request a call back using this email address [email protected] - just pop your phone number into the subject line and say 'Euonymus screens enquiry' and we’ll call you back within 15 minutes.

Further Information
Further Information

Each Euonymus hedging panel is easy to handle and weighs approximately 35kg.

Installing a row of Euonymus green screens is an easy DIY job, however if you wish you can ask a local landscaper to do this for you. You can buy suitable posts, metal or wood, on request from ourselves or from your local DIY store or builder’s merchant.

  1. Begin by digging a trench, 30cm wide and 40cm deep.

  2. If using posts, position them at 1.3m intervals (centre-centre), we recommend using concrete for increased stability however this is not essential

  3. Loosen the soil at the bottom of the trench and add water if it is dry (its better to do this now than after the screens are planted).

  4. Mix in some general-purpose compost to the bottom of the trench (10 litres per metre of trench). We also recommend planting with Rootgrow, you can sprinkle this into the trench now.

  5. Plant the screens in the trenches, making sure the top of the biodegradable pot sits just below the surface level of the soil.

  6. Tighten all brackets (make sure none of the plants are squeezed by the brackets).

  7. Backfill and firm the soil gently.

  8. Water thoroughly directly to the base after planting.

  9. As an alternative to planting them in and for a more temporary or movable installation for versatility of use, the troughs can be placed in wooden planters. Care needs to be taken however to ensure correct watering and feeding plus adequate drainage provision to ensure the root system remains healthy and not waterlogged.

    All our hedging screens are pre-trained up their galvanised frames and will within 12-18 mnonths, completely cover the steel framework.

Delivery & Returns
Delivery & Returns

Free delivery is available on all orders providing they meet the minimum spend criteria for the size of box or pallet. Pallet deliveries and large box deliveries for tall plants are indicated by icons on the product table listings. Delivery costs and minimum order details for each packaging type are as follows:

Packaging TypeStandard Delivery ChargeMinimum Order Values (incl VAT) for FREE Delivery
Boxes (Bare roots and pots up to and incl. 7.5L)4.99 delivery charge (orders up to 100 incl VAT) Orders of 100 and over - FREE
Pallets (Root balls, large pots, trees etc)60.00 delivery charge (orders up to 200 incl VAT)Orders of 200 and over - FREE

There are some exceptions to the standard delivery pricing structure, which relate to deliveries to more remote areas, overseas, or extremely tall plants requiring specialist delivery - for more information see the Delivery Information Page. (Please note that due to new Brexit rules, we are currently unable to export to both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.)

Delivery Time - Please note that due to high demand, delivery times are currently 3-7 days. (Some trees will be 7-14 days delivery as standard - see product pages for delivery info). We are working through existing orders as quickly as possible but can now deliver new orders within this timescale.

It's Convenient - no need to wait in all day to sign, we don't need a signature (the odd, larger order may require a signature but will be delivered at a mutually agreeable time)

It's Tried & Tested - we use only couriers who have shown consistency in their efficiency & care

* Please note that delivery costs are based on the final order amount in your cart after any discounts have been applied.

Hedges Direct 12 Month Plant Guarantee

Our plants are guaranteed for 12 months after delivery subject to specific criteria. Visit our Hedges Direct Plant Guarantee Page for full details.

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