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Plant Protection

Plant Protection

Our Rabbit Guards and Cane products are the ideal solution for ensuring your smaller, delicate young plants are well cared for and protected, allowing them to reach maturity.

It's always a tricky decision whether or not to use rabbit guards/canes - sometimes we recommend to people who are nervous about rabbits that they try without initially and order rabbit guards/canes later if the rabbits are taking too many plants. On the other hand, if you know there's definitely a rabbit problem in your area, then you can't avoid needing them. Rabbits can only reach up 60cm (though hares can reach higher) so if you buy plants above that height, the rabbits might strip them bare at the base but at least you'll have some top growth (and anyway taller plants are too difficult to fit into rabbit guards). If you would like to weigh up the options, please phone us on 01257 263873.

You need to buy canes if you are using rabbit guards - they pin the rabbit guard in place - or you can use them in windy areas to support bare root plants up to about 1m. Except where there are very strong winds or you are using rabbit guards, you do not need to use canes to support our plants. It is sensible to check a week after planting and if any plants have rocked loose in the soil, firm them in again.

Canes (60cm)

Canes (60cm)

Price: 0.19Support Canes should be used in windy locations to help support freshly planted bare roots whilst the roots establish View Full Description
Rabbit Guards (60cm X 38mm)

Rabbit Guards (60cm X 38mm)

Price: 0.29Rabbit Guards help protect young plants from stripping by Rabbits and Hares. Canes should also be purchased as they help pin the rabbit guards in place View Full Description
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