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Shrubs for Small Gardens

Shrubs for Small Gardens

Small gardens are often easier to manage, but it can be more difficult to choose appropriate garden plants, as the reduced growing room means that you have to carefully consider which garden shrubs and plants won't overwhelm the available space. To help make the choice a little easier, Hedges Direct's specially selected range of plants for small gardens only features those shrub varieties that make ideal small garden plants.

Our Shrubs for Small Gardens range features lots of attractive plants all with their own unique attributes to help you create a colourful and interesting garden, but one that is easily manageable to keep to scale. Whether that's slow growing shrubs, small evergreen shrubs, compact flowering or colourful shrubs or even plants for a trellis to use vertical space, a small garden can still be eye-catching and impressive.

For added versatility and creative use of available space, most of our shrubs for small gardens can be container grown too, so the planting options don't stop at beds and borders. Often small gardens have just as much hard landscaped space as garden to plant in, or perhaps only a small border or bed, therefore with the option to be grown in pots or planters, it's possible to add colour and interest to all aspects and areas of your small garden.

Browse our Shrubs for Small Gardens range to view individual species or for a ready-made garden solution to save both money and time, have a look at our mixed shrub collections of 2L and 5L pots below. For more advice call the team on 01257 263 873 or email [email protected]
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