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Ground Cover, Low Growing or Spreading Shrubs

Ground Cover, Low Growing or Spreading Shrubs

Gardens come in all shapes and sizes but whilst large shrubs can only be placed in gardens of a decent size, smaller shrubs can be the real garden heroes, able to be planted almost anywhere! Hedges Direct's range of ground cover plants and low growing or spreading shrubs is ideal for a host of situations. This can include filling gaps in existing planting, helping to suppress weeds, planting up gravel gardens or rockeries as well as low borders or path edges. Some shrubs like Cotoneaster, Lavender and Hypericum Hidcote are also versatile enough to be used in more challenging locations like banks or slopes or in raised planters along with other varieties, where compact, low growing or spreading plants are ideal.

Included in this range are small evergreen shrubs, shrubs with colourful foliage, flowering shrubs and fragrant shrubs and even varieties with beautiful berries. With such variety and versatility of use, these ground cover shrubs and low growing plants really do offer an exceptional choice of plants and look for any garden, able to adapt to many locations and garden types. They are also generally low maintenance, often being slow-growing and needing less care and attention than large shrubs, so are perfect for people with a busy schedule.

Browse our Ground Cover, Low Growing and Spreading Shrubs range to view individual species or for a ready-made garden solution to save both money and time, have a look at our mixed shrub collections of 2L and 5L pots below. For more advice call the team on 01257 263 873 or email [email protected]
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