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National Trust Hedging Packs

National Trust Hedging Packs

It is almost impossible to picture the beautiful sways of the British landscape without also thinking of the National Trust: Britain's largest conservation charity. Equally, it is difficult to picture the vast and breathtaking British countryside without also picturing the beautiful native hedging that encompasses so much of our spectacular scenery. This is why we are so excited to bring you our National Trust range of hedging plants. Founded in 1895, the National Trust is a charity that saw the importance of our nation's heritage and open spaces and wanted to preserve them. As one of the country's largest landowners, the Trust wants to play its part in addressing the dramatic slump in British species and improve soil quality and water quality in the countryside.

The Trust is committed to planting more hedgerows, which act as 'wildlife corridors', on its land. Working together, we have produced four ranges consisting of strictly UK-native hedging to complement and preserve the nation's natural hedging. The hedging has been grown in a peat-free environment, as the National Trust is a peat-free organisation, and each variety has been selected as it encourages Britain's wildlife. For every purchase made from the National Trust collection, a contribution is made to help them continue with this vital work. Available only as bare roots, the National Trust collection is offered from November to April. Bare roots can be planted at anything from 3-7 plants per metre. You can plant as a single row or a double staggered row where plants are positioned in a zig-zag formation. For more information on planting distances see our planting density advice section. Autumn/Winter is the best time of year to prune your hedgerow. These species can withstand a harsh cut back, which will encourage vigorous growth and higher density.

To find out more about the National Trust, their ongoing conservation work, sites of historic and natural interest, or find out how to become a member, visit their website at

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